The Ed Bernstein Show

The Ed Bernstein Show

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A Brief History & Overview

The Ed Bernstein Show, a 30-minute television talk show, was originally entitled The First Step.  Now, after twenty five years in production, it has become the longest running television talk show in the State of Nevada.  The show currently airs on NBC affiliates throughout Nevada and can be viewed on Sundays at 3:00 p.m.


The Concept of Our Show

The Ed Bernstein Show serves as the only resource for entertainment, political, community, educational and civic guests to express opinions and exchange dialog. While many shows, both locally and nationally, have set agendas and a specific purpose for inviting guests on their shows, Ed always allows the guest to be the focal point of the show. He does not believe in confrontational shows but ones that educate, inform and entertain the viewer. Ed has a certain disarming approach to the interview process, which greatly assists guests with their level of comfort, allowing the guests to be as candid as they wish. He expresses his appreciation for all of the show’s guests by stating, “Guests are our privilege on this show and are due the utmost respect.”


With the green buttons at the top of this page, you can find information on our host, previous episodes, and a list of some of the interesting guests that have been interviewed on The Ed Bernstein Show. Tune in this Sunday to see who is next!


This Week’s Guest on The Ed Bernstein Show:

This week on The Ed Bernstein Show, we will be interviewing the three judicial candidates: Judge Rob Bare, Judge Susan Johnson and Judge Stefany Miley.

Rob Bare graduated from a law school in Pennsylvania, and spent the following four years as a trail attorney in the military court system. After that, moved to Nevada and became the chief prosecutor for the State Bar. Since then, he has worked with the Municipal Court, and Las Vegas City Council as well. “Integrity and professionalism are everything to me, ” he states.

Susan Johnson moved to Vegas when she was 4 years old, with her parents and two brothers. After high school, she graduated from UNLV in 1982 and continued her education in California. After returning back to Las Vegas, Johnson worked as attorney for other firms until she began her own practice in 1994 and later was elected to the bench in 2006. She is married with two daughters.

Stefany Miley currently serves as a Clark County judge, but before that, she was raised in Austin, Texas. After graduating from A & M, she went to law school in California and later came to Las Vegas for a clerkship. She then began her law career here, practicing in various fields such as family law and criminal law. In her spare time, Miley works with a number of non-profit organizations and charities.