In Loving Memory: Jack Bernstein

My father, Jack Bernstein, was a great husband, father, and business man. He passed away in 2003, when he was 79 years old. I feel very fortunate that my father was able to witness my dream come true. He was able to walk through my law office and watch me practice law at my firm, Edward M. Bernstein and Associates. My father had the opportunity to see that his example of hard work, sacrifice, and commitment made a huge impact in my life.

Jack Bernstein was a World War II Army veteran and a member of the Masons and B’rith Shalom. He encouraged me to go to law school and pursue a career that allows me to help people. Jack Bernstein was not a lawyer, he was a restaurant owner, but he supported my legal education and was extremely proud the day I graduated from law school. I remember he would often tell me about how he had referred people hurt in car accidents, work injuries, victims of medical malpractice, or those denied Social Security Disability, to my office. He was proud that I was an attorney.

Jack Bernstein lived in Las Vegas for 26 years. He is survived by my mother, Seena of Las Vegas; myself, Edward Bernstein of Las Vegas; my sister, Randi Doroshow of Henderson; five grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

I try to honor my father’s legacy by working hard for each of my clients. Ed Bernstein and Associates handles a variety of injury cases including but not limited to: Auto Accidents; Medical Malpractice; Slip and Falls; Dog bites and injuries; nursing home negligence; construction zone accidents; taxi accidents; truck accidents; wrongful death; product liability; bike or bicycle accidents; motorcycle accidents, and all types of injury cases. To return to our home page click here:

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