Many Slip-and-Fall Claims are Legitimate

Last week I was quoted in an RJ article about how more people file slip-and-fall claims in Las Vegas… and now there is an article on AOL News and I’m quoted in this one too!

The articles are about a new study that says Las Vegas is a hot spot to slip, fall, & sue. The study found questionable slip-and-fall claims doubled nationwide in the last 2 years, and Vegas ranked #4 in the U.S. for cities with the most iffy slip-and-falls.

In both articles insurance experts blame the depressed economy for the big increase in questionable slip and falls. But I gave other reasons as to why more slip-and-falls happen in Vegas and explained why many of the claims are actually legitimate. Here is part of the new AOL article:

Edward M Bernstein and Associates, a prominent personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, is dubious of the NICB’s data, saying that some of the allegedly fraudulent slip-fall claims may just be people who really fell but don’t understand that a resort or store isn’t liable. He said that attorneys in Nevada also don’t pursue many claims — not because they’re bogus, but because these cases are very difficult to prove and, contrary to Morris’ assertion, casinos almost never pay a claim out of convenience.

He also wonders if people are more likely to want to file claims in Vegas because they want someone to blame for the fact that a fall or injury has ruined a vacation.

“Most people save up all year to take a vacation to Las Vegas. They take time off from work. And what is more frustrating than you get here and day one you hurt yourself and you miss your vacation,” he said. “They’re more prone to go to the hotel and say, ‘I’ve lost my vacation and money. What can you do for me?’ That’s a genuine mindset.””

Check out the article below and let me know what you think!

-Edward M Bernstein and Associates

Slip-and-Fall New Strike-It-Rich Scheme in Vegas

LAS VEGAS (Oct. 3) — This gambling mecca has long been a magnet for folks hoping to strike it rich. Now a new study shows that more and more folks seek not to beat the house but instead to convincingly pretend that they’ve fallen, can’t get up and want to be compensated.

Find article at: AOL News

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