Propofol coming back after an Extended Absence

In 2010, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries ceased production on the popular anesthetic Propofol. After nearly three years, this drug manufacturer has begun making this drug again, and distribution should begin sometime in February 2013.

The lapse in production was due to lawsuits that resulted from several endoscopy centers in Las Vegas improperly using syringes filled with this anesthetic. The improper use by these clinics resulted in an extensive outbreak of hepatitis C, largely due to the fact that syringes used to administer this medication was reused at the clinics.

Edward M. Bernstein and Associates was instrumental in Teva’s decision after obtaining $104 Million verdict (one of the 10 highest verdicts in the United States in 2012).

The ensuing lawsuits ended with Teva Pharmaceuticals paying out extensive damages to settle them. In all, more than $250 million in damages was awarded in more than 80 different suits. Many of these lawsuits alleged that the pharmaceutical giant actually encouraged physicians to reuse syringes l because they had discontinued production on 10ml vials. Litigants alleged that profit was a primary motivator in the company doing so, and this action directly resulted in physicians being persuaded to reuse the larger vials on multiple patients.

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