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Outstanding Associates

On May 16, of 2009 I was involved in a vehicle accident that caused extensive injuries and landed me in the hospital. My son flew out to Las Vegas to assist me and find me legal help since I was in no condition to do so myself. I am just so happy that he selected Edward M Bernstein and Associates as my representatives. From the beginning the people I talked to about my case were efficient, professional, kept me informed and answered all questions I had concerning my case. I would like to personally thank Bart Brown for doing an excellent job in handling the workers compensation area of my case. He answered all my questions and concerns and got me the compensation I needed. I would also like to thank Myra Nelson, (legal assistant). I talked to her a number of times about my case both in person and on the phone. She was a pleasure to talk to and would make me feel at ease about any concerns I had. I always felt she genuinely cared about getting me the compensation I deserved. Ultimately the last person I dealt with was Cecile Munding. Cecile was the Senior Legal Assistant who took over my case when I moved back to Reno. What a pleasant person to deal with. She was efficient, answered all my questions and kept me informed of how my case was progressing. Cecile fought to get my case resolved in a timely manner and I was totally satisfied when it did get resolved. When she called to let me know it had come to a resolution I felt she was happy as I was about the outcome. I would recommend Edward M Bernstein and Associates to anyone who needs legal help. Everyone I dealt with was professional, extremely competent and always kept me up to date on how things were progressing. I was totally satisfied with the outcome.

Thank You

- David Slatkin

Wow! This firm is tremendous!

My name is Timothy J. Smith, and I must say Ed’s team is a well oiled machine with heart! At the age of 43, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, Genome 1b (sub type). At the age of 48 I found that one of the main symptoms of Hep. C is fatigue, and after working continuously since the age of 16, I found I could not keep up with the “climb to the top, multi tasking, do it right not over” work effort, I was going to have to rely on my disability insurance from our company’s short and long term disability insurer named after a mountain in Sicily. This is where my nightmare of nightmares began. I had retained another law firm that worked with the Employee Retirement Security Act enacted in 1974. The loop holes in ERISA were so numerous that the “mountain” would surely find it easy to wear down an employee to the point of giving up or taking a less than fair settlement. My wife and I lost EVERYTHING! the house, her car, my car and all else that could be taken was We literally went from a yearly household income of over $ $28000.00. This is when I realized Social Security Disability was our last hope, and if that were to fail, I would have to design a sign worthy of an exit ramp on I-15. There were only two people on earth that I felt I could trust. The first was my wife Maria who never left my side through eleven hospitalizations, eleven blood transfusions, and talks of transplants.Man, I was scared literally of death. The second person I held on to for hope I never met personally and that was Ed Bernstein. What little I did know was that Ed was an honest humanitarian and whenever I inquired about his law firm I was told he was the absolute best. Ed’s staff contact for me was a paralegal named Athena. When I had first walked into the law office on Fourth Street I was in tears and terrified at what lay ahead for my wife and myself. Athena’s empathy put us at rest almost immediately. Athena took what seemed to be a mountain of paperwork, organized it, asked all the right questions never forgetting to take a moment to check Maria and my concerns. Ed had also assigned our representing lawyer named Michelle. Both Michelle and Athena together guided me through what seemed to be an insurmountable task to a favorable judgment on the spot at my Social Security Disability hearing. The worst is over. It is now just a matter of time waiting for the award phase to be completed. I have read the negative review above and can only assume there is more than meets the eye. I was always treated with the utmost respect. Ed Bernstein’s firm will be the only firm I will ever use, even for referrals. Thank you again for being the most competent, well organized and professional law team I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my darkest hours of need.

- Timothy J. Smith

Thank you so much for your help with my case. Out of four lawyers I called after my car accident, you were the first to respond within 24 hours. No one else even called me back. You treated me like family and I’m very glad you called me!
- Rita Purswell
I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience at Edward M Bernstein and Associates. Everyone was wonderful. They kept me up to date with my car accident case and called to check up on my recovery on a regular basis. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
- Melissa Pawlak
Thank you very much for your help in my car crash. The staff made every attempt to provide top quality service and assistance.
- Matthew Bonelli
Great job, kept me informed throughout the process. Handled my auto accident case quickly and with class.
- Charles Sabina


Dear Attorney Bernstein,

My name is Patricia S, a former client. I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the settlement of my case. Specifically speaking, you know it is true that behind great men there are always great women, and I must say that Nina Amico and Cecile Munding certainly are in that category. they were always professional, kind, patient, friendly, understanding and approachable. They never neglected to talk to me about my car accident when I called. They answered all of my questions each time I met with them. I was never rushed during any of our conversations and most importantly they never neglected to immediately return my telephone calls. Again, thank you and may God bless you and your staff.


- Patricia Stone


This is my second time using this law office and both times my experience has been excellent. The staff is wonderful and my accident cases were handled with care.
- Sabrina Sims
I had a very pleasant experience with Edward M Bernstein and Associates what a wonderful and delightful staff. I would recommend your firm to all my family and friends.
- Vito Martucci
I just want everyone to know that Edward M Bernstein and Associates surpassed everything I had hoped for in every way. I would recommend to everyone and anyone that Edward M Bernstein and Associates is the place to go for any attorney needs!
- Thomas Meyers
At first I was scared I was never in a car accident before, Edward M Bernstein and Associates made me feel at ease with the whole process. They walked me through and explain the whole process in plain English, meaning not in lawyer term. I am very pleased. Thank you for everything.
- Aysh-ah M
Everyone that was involved in my car accident case was very professional, answered all my questions and concerns and delivered as advertised.
- Sean Lynch
I was very pleased with everyone that dealt with me on my motor vehicle accident. I will recommend your office to anyone in the future.
- Dale Yocom
I have had an extremely professional and efficient experience with Ed Bernstein & Associates. The firm has made an very frustrating and unpleasant experience manageable. I appreciate all they have done for me.
- Jill Pottenger Moe
It was great working with this company. When you go through a bad experience, like the car accident I was in, you feel you won’t get justice or closure. It feels great knowing we got what we were hoping out of all of this experience. Thank You!
- Heather E.
I appreciate the effort put forth from Edward M Bernstein & Associates. You guys have helped me out tremendously with my truck accident. Friendly as well as dedicated staff. Thank You.
- Jorge Carrillo
Thank you for all of your help on my personal injury case. My experience in dealing with you guys was wonderful. Everyone was nice and helpful. You made my situation a lot less stressful. Thank you again for all you guys have done.
- Heather D.
My experience with Edward M Bernstein and Associates  was amazing. I received compensation for two car accidents in no time. I will definitely be referring Edward M Bernstein and Associates office.
- Ebony Hayes
Edward M Bernstein and Associates were extremely professional throughout the entire procedure from start to finish. I’m glad I did business with your organization.
- Robert Stein

Dear Mr. Bernstein,

It was my great pleasure to have been a worker’s compensation client of Edward M Bernstein and Associates

Due to a very unpleasant mishap I suffered a nasty fall while on the job. After having received much physical therapy I was recommended to have an MRI and it was through this procedure that it was discovered that I had damage to my spinal cord. For reasons pertinent to me only I decided not to have surgery at this time, however upon learning of the damage to my spinal cord my husband, George, said to me “You had better find a lawyer”. And so I did.

When I called your Henderson office and spoke with Rocio Gomez I was instantly relieved. She was so helpful and courteous and made me feel that I was safe in the care of Ed Bernstein and Associates. And of course I was very pleased with Maria Fernandez Atkinson. She really went to bat for me. Oh, how professional she is as were all of the staff. I just had to let you know how very satisfied I was, and am, with your Henderson staff. I didn’t spend too much time with Travis Bart Brown, as he was the one in charge of the end stages of my case,however he too was courteous and most helpful.

I would recommend your services to my friends, relatives and anyone else who was in need of professional law advice.

I have noticed your little talk on TV with your daughter in regard to Crohn’s disease. My aunt suffered from this disease and she lived a long life. And today there are so many new medications and new technology which can help to control the symptoms of this debilitating disease. I myself at the age of 39 was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and suffered for thirteen years in and out of hospitals, once for a period of six weeks. Anyway, as I said, June 26, 1984 was a bad day. I went in for my annual colonoscopy to check for cancer and during the procedure the doctor tore a three inch gash in my colon. I was rushed to surgery where they removed all of my lower bowel. And of course I wear an appliance. I thought I would never be able to handle this, but I did and I do. And I live a normal life. I work two days a week with my husband, who by the way is to be commended. He didn’t leave me as many husbands and I suppose wives do too, when this happens. I do have a couple of issues I would like to introduce to legislation and that is to put shelves in public bathrooms. I won’t go into detail on this subject however I want you to know that I am very proud of your daughter and you for bringing out this very important information to the public. Thank you!

Thank you again for the professional service your staff gave to me when I so desperately needed it.

- Barbara Arnold

Jessica was very helpful, professional, and efficient with my workers compensation case. Bart took the time to explains the MMI report and give me good counsel. Bart is very professional. All staff people were courteous and professional.
- Linda Kowar
I am very glad that I came to Ed Bernstein & Associates to handle my workers compensation case. The staff is awesome. Many thanks to all of you.
- John Durfee
Pleasure doing business with your company on my workers compensation case.
- Barbara Byrd
Everything was handled with professionalism on my workers compensation case.
- Robin Thurman
Very pleased and impressed with Jocelyn’s service. All of my questions were answered. I’m thankful for the outcome for my boys, will definitely refer and use again myself if ever needed. Thank you!
- Donna Arundel
I originally came to Ed Bernstein because I grew up in Las Vegas and he was around since I was a kid. I know now why he has been here so long. His entire staff is very helpful and professional. Thank you so much!
- Shandon Burney

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