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All northbound lanes of Interstate 15 were closed on March 4, 2014 due to a crash that involved at least two motorcycles.

According to Nevada Highway Police, one of the bikers involved in the accident is in critical condition. Another biker was also harmed, but luckily his injuries were not life-threatening.

With bike season only beginning, there is sure to be more of these unfortunate occurrences – and we want to help you avoid being a victim in one.

If you happen to be a motorcycle rider, it’s important to protect yourself. Some tips to keep in mind when riding a motorcycle are:

  • Cautiously position yourself to be seen by vehicles around you.
  • Turn on your lights, to improve visibility for yourself, as well be seen by others.
  • If traffic is slowing, try to stay either on the right or left of the vehicle in front of you to help them see you in their mirrors.
  • Don’t only rely solely on your mirrors. A quick glance over the appropriate shoulder when you’re switching lanes could save your life.

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