The holiday season brings with it happiness and celebration, along with an increase of impaired drivers getting behind the wheel. Nevada Highway Patrol has countered the surge in impaired motorists with the addition of more “ghost” vehicles to the Las Vegas DUI Strike Team.

The ghost patrol car is harder to identify than a traditional police vehicle, as the decals are subdued and the police lights flash from the windshield instead of the traditional light bar above the vehicle.

For example, on the evening of December 12th, NHP carried out their DUI blitz that resulted in:

  • 161 Traffic Stops
  • 42 Citations
  • 20 DUI Arrests
  • 2 Non-DUI Arrests
  • 2 Firearms Recovered

The next blitz was scheduled for December 26th, as Nevada Highway Patrol looks to remove more intoxicated drivers from the road and to promote safe transportation.

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