About Ed Bernstein

About Ed Bernstein

ed bernstein Edward M. Bernstein, Esq. is one of the most recognizable figures in Nevada and one of the state’s premier personal injury attorneys. He has also served as an alternate judge for the City of Las Vegas Municipal Court, and as an alternate judge for the City of North Las Vegas. In the year 2000, he was Nevada’s Democratic nominee for the United States Senate.

One of Mr. Bernstein’s most notable accomplishments is his television show, simply entitled the Ed Bernstein Show. He has proudly hosted it for over 25 years, and it has since become the longest-running show in Nevada’s history and still airs every Sunday.

In 1971, Ed received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Long Island University and in 1975, his Juris Doctor from Widener Law School. In 1977, Ed began his law career in Vegas.  He began first in the public defender’s office and later became the owner of his own firm, Ed Bernstein & Associates.  The firm has flourished into a strong business that assists people with their personal injury cases every single day. From the beginning, Ed has fought against large companies on the behalf of good people. He has helped his clients understand their rights and stood against the powerful insurance industry. Thousands of people have been helped by Ed and his team of professional personal injury lawyers.

His beliefs and moral stance have greatly helped shape his career path. Ed has a lifelong commitment fighting bigotry, bias and racism. For years, he has worked with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), developing the first Red Ribbon campaign and producing many public service announcements.

Today, Mr. Bernstein resides in the Las Vegas area, where he still runs the Ed Bernstein Show, as well as the Ed Bernstein & Associates personal injury law firm. He has become a notable public figure and continues to be an inspiration to those around him. For more information, visit www.edbernstein.com or send an email to info@edbernstein.com.

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