6 Ways to Avoid Auto Accidents During the Holidays

November 14, 2018 | Ed Bernstein
6 Ways to Avoid Auto Accidents During the Holidays

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year, traffic gets worse and worse as the holiday season progresses. This means that your chances of getting into (or causing) an auto accident go up tremendously. Avoid the cost, injury, and potential lawsuits by being more careful out on the road. Here is a few tips from Las Vegas car accident attorneys, on how to avoid auto accidents this holiday season.

Give Yourself Extra Time

Give Yourself Extra TimeThe roads are clogged during the holidays, so no matter where you’re headed, plan extra time into the trip. This includes your road-trip to see family for Thanksgiving or Christmas or your commute to work. You know traffic is bad out there, so take your time and try not to be in a rush. It’s always better to arrive five minutes late rather than get into an auto accident. Rushing and feeling impatient can lead to reckless driving, not paying attention, and fender-benders you don’t have time for.

Slow Down and Pay Attention

Slow Down and Pay AttentionDuring the holidays, it’s not unusual to see more Highway Patrol officers, sheriff's deputies, and city police officers on the road. Why? Because they know a lot more people are speeding. Avoid the ticket and the accident and slow down. Keep your eyes on the road and off your phone to avoid distracted driving. Not only is it dangerous for you and everyone else, but getting caught on your phone could lead to a ticket or worse, especially if you cause an accident.

Be Patient in Parking Lots

Be Patient in Parking LotsA shopping center parking lot during the holiday shopping season is one of the worst places to be. It’s enough to make you question your sanity or spark road rage. It’s also where a lot of accidents happen, and with all the people walking around, that could be a tragic and expensive problem. You know it’s going to be bad out there, so take a deep breath and stay calm. Park further away from the door to avoid the crowds. Shop at odd hours or online instead of dealing with the parking lot. Drop your family off at the front door of a store and meet them later once you park. But above all, stay calm and slow down.

Watch Out for Traffic

Watch Out for TrafficIn Las Vegas, we’re no stranger to tourist traffic, but it only gets worse during the holidays as family and snowbirds descend on the area in full force. You know the roads better than they do, and you know they’re not paying attention to where they’re going. Don’t follow too closely to avoid rear-ending a lookie-loo. Follow all traffic laws so you can avoid braking suddenly or swerving into another lane to avoid other drivers who aren’t paying attention as they should.

Avoid Driving While Tired

Avoid Driving While TiredIt’s the holidays, so of course, you’re exhausted, but whenever possible, let someone else drive or catch an Uber home. When you’re too tired, your reflexes and responses are about the same as someone who’s driving under the influence. It’s difficult to react quickly or realize what’s happening around you. It’s much better to pick up your car the next day or stay the night at someone’s house rather than drive when you’re that tired. This is especially true at night when the glare from all the lights can make it even more difficult to judge distances.

Always Drive Sober

Always Drive SoberWe all know it’s the law to drive sober and to let someone else drive or get an Uber if you have too much to drink. But it’s easy to think you can handle a few drinks, especially when you just want to get home from a holiday party. Make a plan before you go out, so you know what you’ll do after the second drink or if your spouse has too much to drink. The accidents that happen when someone drives while under the influence are devastating. Not only will you be found financially liable, but you could also lose your license or go to prison. Plus you have to live with what you’ve done.  


The holidays are for spending time with family and enjoying the season, not dealing with an auto accident. Unfortunately, even when you do your best, auto accidents still happen. If you’re the victim of an accident this holiday season, you may need a personal injury attorney to get you the compensation you’re owed. After an auto accident and injury, call us or contact Ed Bernstein and Associates today. We’ll fight for you!


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