Can Online Retailers Be Liable For Injuries Caused By Third-Party Seller Products?

July 6, 2020 | Ed Bernstein
Can Online Retailers Be Liable For Injuries Caused By Third-Party Seller Products? It’s easy to tell who is liable for injuries caused by products from big manufacturers, but what about damages caused by products from third-party sellers on Amazon or eBay? 

Aren’t products safe, even if they’re from third-party sellers?

Not always! Several products consistently come up in defective product cases. Such as:
  • Vehicles: there have been many cases involving vehicles with defective seatbelts, airbags, or even tires. These can cause life-changing injuries like quadriplegia or paraplegia. 
  • Baby products: think about all the things your baby uses. These must be safe, and when they aren’t, they can cause horrific injuries and death. The last thing you want is a defective car seat or cot.
  • Power tools: another product with a vast capacity to injure you severely. 
  • Anything with electrical components.
  • Defective items that have caused a fire.
  • Safety equipment: motorbike helmets have been known to cause death when defective.
  • Children’s toys: toys are carefully regulated for safety and appropriate age range, but what if this hasn’t been done adequately? 
Almost all of these things can be bought online from third-party sellers, and they are no less likely to be defective than products purchased anywhere else, so why shouldn’t the retailer have to take responsibility?

What Kinds of Injuries Can Defective Products Cause?

Almost anything you can imagine, head injuries, choking, paraplegia, quadriplegia, broken bones, lacerations, amputation, burns, electric shocks, and death. Defective products from third-party sellers have caused blindness, house fires, and even death. In one case, a hoverboard being used by two young adults set the house on fire. This led to a family losing their entire home, and the two young people were forced to jump out of a window to avoid death. In another case, a man was killed when his defective motorcycle helmet flew off during an accident. These are very extreme cases, but if you do have a life-altering injury, the attorneys at Edward M. Bernstein & Associates are here to help. Whether the injury occurred to you or to someone you love, we have the resources to support you through the case.

What to Do If You or a Loved One Have Been Injured by a Defective Product

Your priority in this situation is seeking medical care. Once this has been done, you should make sure you have photographic and video evidence of the defective product and the injuries it has caused. The next step is to contact an attorney. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed by a defective product, you will want an experienced defective product lawyer to make sure you get the award you’re owed. Nothing can erase a traumatic accident from your memory, but an excellent personal injury attorney can at least ensure you have the best legal representation during the lawsuit. Whether the product in question came from a big box store, the manufacturer directly, or a third-party seller on Amazon, call our law offices in Las Vegas and speak to one of the best personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas. Get in touch with Edward M. Bernstein & Associates in Las Vegas today for your free consultation by calling 702-240-0000. 


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