March 16, 2016 | Ed Bernstein

Over 500,000 women are at risk of being hurt and experiencing a diminished quality of life by a permanent birth control device known as Essure. Just as troubling is the fact that Bayer, the company that manufactures Essure has been accused of intentionally misleading the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the potential dangers associate with devices. Essure birth control device Side effects Lawyer Ed Bernstein  


Essure is a birth control device for women that is permanently implanted, making a very appealing alternative to birth control pills. While the FDA says Essure devices are still appropriate for some women, the agency found that some women with these implants experienced complications. Essure_logo_tagline_Final_CMYK Some Essure users experienced unplanned pregnancies despite Essure being marketed as a permanent method of birth control. Other complications associated with Essure devices include chronic pain, perforation of the uterus or fallopian tube due to movement of the device, abnormal bleeding, and allergic reactions. Because of the complications associated with the device, some women were forced to have hysterectomies. Additionally, Essure devices are also associated with fetal deaths and miscarriages for women who had the devices removed, according to the FDA.


The women who used these devices say they could have avoided the pain and emotional distress associated with their implant if Bayer had not misled patients and the FDA about the device’s potential hazards. These women also contend that they were not adequately informed of the risks associated with the device. If you or a loved one have been hurt and have suffered because of an Essure device, we urge you to contact the law office of Edward M. Bernstein and Associates. Attorney Bernstein is currently accepting cases on behalf of women who have used Essure and experienced serious complications. The Firm has experience taking on drug companies like Bayer, winning a $104 million verdict (the 7th largest verdict in the United States) against Teva Pharmaceutical. USAttorneys urges victims who have suffered complications from dangerous prescriptions like Essure to contact the law offices of Edward M. Bernstein and Associates in Las Vegas Nevada at 702-240-0000 or send an email to  


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