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How Does Nevada Workers’ Compensation Work?

Workers’ Compensation is designed to provide medical benefits and income replacement to workers who are injured or become ill because of their job. Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory for all employers in Summerlin, Nevada, and employers must provide coverage for their employees. The employer’s insurance carrier pays workers’ compensation benefits for eligible employees, with the amount paid depending on the severity of injury or illness.

Injured man seeing an attorney in Summerlin for Nevada workers compensation insuranceIn order to receive workers’ compensation benefits in Nevada, employees must file a claim with their employer and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys and Summerlin personal injury lawyers at Ed Bernstein & Associates, are here to help you and your family get the compensation you deserve following an accident or illness related to your work in Summerlin and the surrounding areas. Contact our team for a consultation.

When Should You Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney?

Patient medical claim form for Nevada workers compensation

When is the right time to call a workers’ compensation attorney? If your injury is the result of third-party negligence, you may be eligible for Nevada workers’ compensation insurance. However, keep in mind that some situations may be excluded from Nevada law, so it’s important to talk to an attorney to determine if you are eligible.

The state of Nevada requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance to help employees who are injured on the job and their families to maintain an adequate standard of living despite the permanent disability or death of the worker. But, sometimes the process of getting your benefits can be difficult, and your employer may not fully inform you of your rights if you are injured. If this happens to you, it’s time to call an experienced Summerlin workers’ compensation attorney.

Common Workplace Injuries Our Workers Compensation Attorneys Help With

Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Summerlin can help you with any work-related injury you have. Common workplace injuries our attorneys have helped clients with include:

  • Overexertion
  • Slip and falls
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Joint pain

Our attorneys also help with work injuries that are caused by the negligence of a third party. If you’ve been injured by a third party, you may be entitled to file a claim against the responsible third party for the damages, in addition to receiving benefits from your employer. If your injury is preventing you from returning to work for an extended period of time, you may be entitled to file a claim for Social Security Disability.

Client Testimonial

“Thank you everyone at Ed Bernstein and Associates for taking care of everything for me, I was very confused on what to do and everyone was so nice and made it easy for me.” – Yazmin V. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sue your employer in Summerlin, Nevada?

If you have been injured on the job, one of your first thoughts may be to sue your employer for failing to provide a safe workspace or adequate safety equipment. If your employer provides workers’ compensation coverage for employees then they are protected from litigation under Nevada workers’ compensation laws.

How is a workers’ compensation settlement calculated in Nevada?

In Nevada workers’ compensation is determined by the extent of the injury sustained, ranging from temporary to permanent disability. In addition to disability benefits that help cover your lost wages, workers’ compensation will also cover your medical bills and necessary treatment. Workers must follow all company safety rules and guidelines to receive full compensation.

How long can you be on workers’ compensation in Nevada?

The amount of time you are eligible for workers’ compensation payments largely depends on the extent of the injuries suffered at work. If you are temporarily disabled and unable to work, you are eligible to receive payments for up to two years. If you are found to be permanently disabled following an accident, you will receive two-thirds of your average monthly wages for as long as you are totally disabled.

Contact a Summerlin Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your workers’ compensation case, reach out to the Summerlin law office of Ed Bernstein & Associates to talk to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. We are ready to help clients in Summerlin, Nevada and surrounding areas get the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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