What is SSI and How Can I Qualify For It In Las Vegas?

May 11, 2020 | Ed Bernstein
What is SSI and How Can I Qualify For It In Las Vegas? If you have been denied Social Security benefits and need to appeal this decision, our expert team of attorneys can help. The first step is to submit your appeal right away. Don’t delay! Get in contact with the best Social Security disability attorneys in Las Vegas to utilize our expert help and guidance through the next stages of the process. But do you qualify for Social Security? You could be missing out on Social Security benefits if you answer yes to any of these questions:
  • Do you have blindness or other visual impairment that makes it impossible for you to work?
  • Do you have a long-term (over a year) or terminal illness?
  • Do you have a chronic injury, which has lasted for over a year and has a disabling effect on your life and ability to work?
  • Do you have a life-threatening injury or illness?
  • Are you the primary caretaker of a child with any of the above?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you could be entitled to seek Social Security benefits. These are payments to adults and children who are unable to support themselves due to their disability or illness and who need support from Social Security. You’ll need to have worked for a certain length of time to qualify for the benefits. There are instances where people might not receive the support they require. In fact, more than half (67%) of first-time Social Security claims are rejected. But every rejected claim has a 60-day window in which to appeal, and that’s where we come in. Missing that 60-day deadline means that you need to restart the application process, so it’s well worth having a trained attorney on your side to give you the support you need for your appeal. The first stage an appealed claim goes through is “reconsideration”. Around 87% of claims are rejected for a second time at this point. This is followed by the opportunity to appeal for a final time, which will lead to your claim going to a hearing. This is an opportunity to present all your supporting material and be represented by a Social Security disability lawyer. You can expect a few things to happen at your Social Security hearing:
  • You will be questioned by the judge on your medical history, background, any medication you are on to treat the problem, your educational background, and how your illness or disability is affecting your life. Your representative from Ed Bernstein’s team will have discussed this with you in detail before the hearing takes place, so you won’t be up against anything unexpected.
  • Your attorney can speak on your behalf. We might ask you some questions which will give the judge further insight into your condition and how it impacts your life.
  • Expert witnesses may be in attendance, who will be called to present details on your ability to work, or which particular jobs you might be suited to, despite your condition. This is when you really want the best lawyers in Las Vegas on your team. With more than 40 years’ experience, whoever your personal injury attorney is, if they’re from the Ed Bernstein team they’ll be an expert at cross-examining this expert witness.
You have a 60% success rating if you get a Las Vegas attorney to represent you through your claim. We will familiarize you with the process, as well as go through practice questions so there won’t be any surprises in the hearing. Our attorneys can be on hand throughout the process to advise and research your claim, so you don’t have the additional stress of preparing for a hearing. A denied claim doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve benefits. It often means that the people reviewing your claim might not have enough information. Edward M Bernstein and Associates will be on hand from the moment you’ve filed your appeal, offering you support and guidance through the appeals process. You shouldn’t need to worry about making ends meet if you’re already sick or hurt. Contact our Las Vegas law office today, and we will be more than happy to help.  If you have been denied benefits and need the best attorney in Las Vegas, call the law office of Edward M. Bernstein & Associates at 702-240-0000 today.


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