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A Las Vegas traffic accident involving a Lyft car can leave you badly injured and facing unmanageable expenses. You should not have to bear those costs on your own.

By pursuing legal action, you could get the money you need to pay your bills and heal from your crash injuries.

The attorneys at Edward Bernstein and Associates can help. We have years of experience securing compensation for injured accident victims.

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Las Vegas Lyft Accident Guide

An Accessible Team of Skilled Accident Lawyers

For over 40 years, the award-winning accident lawyers at Edward Bernstein and Associates have been fighting to get money for injured crash victims.

Through lawsuits and insurance claims, we secure payment for our client's injuries and losses so they can return to living their lives.

As rideshare services like Lyft have grown in popularity, so have the number of accidents involving a car operated by a rideshare driver.

Our law firm closely monitored that trend, making us the go-to legal team for injured rideshare accident victims.

Our many satisfied clients praise our professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to serving their needs.

We offer a free consultation for anyone who wants to learn about their rights after suffering harm in a Las Vegas Lyft accident.

We’ll meet with you by phone, video, or in person at your convenience. Every consultation is confidential and comes with no obligation on your part.

How We Help Our Lyft Accident Victims in Las Vegas

Edward Bernstein and Associates fights on behalf of injured accident victims in Las Vegas every day. Victims of Lyft accidents who hire us can feel confident in our ability to enforce their rights and maximize the amount they receive for their injuries.

Our skilled, seasoned lawyers and legal professionals can:

  • Take quick action to preserve evidence and protect your rights
  • Evaluate your injuries and determine how much money you should receive
  • Handle all communications with insurance companies about your claim
  • Investigate your Lyft accident to determine who owes you money damages
  • File insurance claims and lawsuits on your behalf
  • Negotiate settlements and advise you about whether to accept settlement offers
  • Guide you in making important decisions that may affect your rights
  • Take your case to court to prove it to a judge and jury
  • Collect and disburse the money due to you under an insurance settlement or court judgment

At Edward Bernstein and Associates, we represent rideshare accident victims on a contingent fee basis. That means you’ll never have to worry about being able to pay us. We don’t charge upfront fees or hourly rates. Instead, we only get a fee if we win for you.

Potential Causes of Las Vegas Lyft Accidents

Like any major city, Las Vegas sees thousands of car accidents every year.

Many crashes happen on major thoroughfares like I-15 and I-515, or at busy intersections such as:

  • Sahara Avenue and South Decatur Boulevard
  • West Sahara Avenue and Arville Street
  • Paradise Road and East Tropicana Avenue
  • West Tropicana Avenue and South Decatur Boulevard
  • East Charleston Boulevard and South Lamb Boulevard

Wherever ordinary car accidents can happen in Las Vegas, so can accidents involving Lyft cars. The causes of those Lyft accidents vary, but driver error often plays a role. Lyft drivers, in particular, sometimes engage in dangerous driving behaviors fueled by the demands of their jobs.

Distracted Driving

Any behavior that takes your hands off the wheel, eyes off the road, or mind off the task of safe vehicle operation qualifies as distracted driving.

More than other motorists, Lyft drivers frequently contend with distractions that divert their attention.

  • Scanning the roadside for an address or a rider awaiting a pickup
  • Interacting with the Lyft app
  • Programming a GPS
  • Conversing with Lyft passengers

Of course, Lyft drivers aren’t the only Las Vegas motorists who fall victim to distractions. Other drivers can all-too-easily cause a crash with a Lyft car by, for example, paying more attention to roadside sights on the Strip than on the road ahead.

Drowsy Driving

Drowsy drivers suffer from the same impairments as drunk drivers—slow reaction time, difficulty judging speed and distance, poor decision making, and degraded motor coordination. And that leads to accidents.

Lyft drivers may contend with higher drowsy driving accident risks than others. For one thing, because Las Vegas never sleeps, late night and early morning are some of the busiest times for Lyft drivers to transport people to and from bars, clubs, hotels, and McCarren airport. Those are also the times when all drivers tend to struggle with fatigue and their bodies’ natural inclination to be sleeping.

For another, many people drive for rideshare companies as a side hustle, taking the wheel only after they’ve worked a shift at a separate job. That can lead to drivers already being exhausted before they pick up their first passenger.

As above, however, rideshare drivers aren’t the only ones who drive while dangerously fatigued. Truck drivers and ordinary Las Vegans also take the wheel while drowsy more often than they should, with potentially tragic and costly consequences.

Speeding and Aggressive Driving

Speeding and other forms of aggressive driving play an outsized role in causing motor vehicle accidents nationwide, and Las Vegas is no exception. Lyft drivers, like all drivers, have an obligation not to engage in risky driving behaviors. But it happens.

Driving for a rideshare company may even create incentives to exceed speed limits and drive aggressively. Rideshare drivers’ earnings depend, in part, on the number of rides they complete. This arguably gives them a reason to speed and take risks, especially between fares when there’s no one in the backseat to rate their driving.

Las Vegas Lyft Accident Injuries We Can Handle

Las Vegas Lyft Accident Lawyers

Lyft accidents can inflict severe trauma on crash victims, whether they’re Lyft passengers, Lyft drivers, occupants of other vehicles, pedestrians, or bicyclists.

With over four decades of experience under our belts at Edward Bernstein and Associates, we’ve helped accident victims secure compensation for various crash-related traumas.

Our Uber and Lyft attorneys know how to obtain financial damages for:

Any of these injuries can inflict severe pain, emotional struggles, and lifelong disabilities. In some cases, they may also lead to the tragic death of a Las Vegas Lyft accident victim.

At Edward Bernstein and Associates, we have the resources and base of knowledge to evaluate and obtain payment for even the most complex and challenging injuries. Contact us today to learn more.

What is the Potential Compensation for Las Vegas Lyft Accident Injuries?

Nevada law generally entitles Lyft accident victims to claim money damages from anyone whose wrongful conduct caused the crash that harmed them.

Every rideshare accident case we handle at Edward Bernstein and Associates differs, but the parties liable for causing a crash can include:

  • Rideshare drivers
  • Other drivers
  • Businesses (when a crash involves a commercial vehicle)
  • Government entities and contractors
  • Automotive manufacturers

Most liable parties in a Las Vegas Lyft crash carry liability insurance to cover the cost of victims’ injuries. Some parties also have assets available with which to pay damages to victims out of their own pocket.

Regardless of where the money to pay compensation comes from, injured Lyft accident victims can usually demand payment for their:

  • Medical expenses in treating the injuries they suffered in the crash and subsequent health complications
  • Costs of repairing or replacing damaged property
  • Expenses related to adapting to or living with their injuries, such as replacement services
  • Loss of earnings from missing work while healing from an injury
  • Paid time off used while missing work
  • Loss of future earning ability, if a victim cannot return to work
  • Physical pain, emotional suffering, and loss of quality of life
  • Scarring and disfigurement

A Las Vegas crash victim may also ask a court to award additional, punitive damages, to punish an at-fault party’s extreme or malicious conduct. Talk to the team at Edward Bernstein and Associates today to learn about the types and ranges of compensation you might seek in your Las Vegas Lyft accident case.

Insurance Coverage for Lyft Accident Victims

Any Las Vegas Lyft accident victim may have the right to seek compensation from a supplemental liability insurance policy Nevada law requires all rideshare drivers to carry in addition to their ordinary auto insurance.

This insurance, which rideshare companies typically purchase for their drivers, provides significant financial protection to some people who get hurt in accidents caused by a Lyft driver.

The coverage available depends on the Lyft driver’s status on the Lyft app when an accident occurs.

  • If the crash happens while the app is turned on and the driver is waiting to connect with a ride request, the extra insurance covers $50,000 per individual for bodily injury, $100,000 per collision for bodily injury, and $25,000 per accident for property damage.
  • If the crash happens between the driver accepting a ride request and completing the ride, the extra insurance covers up to $1,000,000 for a crash victim’s damages.
  • If the crash happens when the driver has the app turned off, the extra insurance does not apply.

In other words, the amount of compensation a Las Vegas Lyft accident victim might receive may depend on proving the driver’s status on the Lyft app at the time of the crash.

The skilled Lyft accident lawyers at Edward Bernstein and Associates know how to locate critical evidence of that status and use it to obtain maximum compensation for a Lyft crash victim.

Steps After a Las Vegas Lyft Accident

We encourage you to contact us at Edward Bernstein and Associates immediately. Until we can speak, however, following the tips below can help to protect your rights.

Get Medical Care ASAP

Do not hesitate to seek medical attention after an accident involving a Lyft car, even if you feel okay. Some severe injuries might not show symptoms immediately but could worsen without care.

Let a doctor check you over to protect your health and ensure documentation of your injury in medical records.

Do Not Leave the Lyft Driver a Good Review

Even if you think the accident wasn’t the driver’s fault, hold off on that review for now. What you write may affect your rights. Speak with a lawyer first.

Don’t Agree to Anything or Sign Anything

If someone is involved in an accident or their insurance company offers you a quick settlement, say “no, thanks” and contact a lawyer immediately.

Never agree to take money or sign anything without consulting with an experienced Las Vegas Lyft accident lawyer. Your rights could be at risk.

Act Quickly to Protect Your Rights

You generally have, at most, two years from the accident to take legal action seeking damages—and you might have far less than that.

Missing a deadline can deprive you of your legal rights. Speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately is the most reliable way to avoid putting your rights at risk through avoidable delay.

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