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Despite strict laws and years of public awareness campaigns, drunk driving remains a persistent problem in Las Vegas. On average, multiple drunk driving accidents cause injuries or fatalities daily. Some of those who get hurt or die in these crashes are the drunk drivers themselves. Still, more often, innocent victims—other drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians—suffer the worst harm.

Las Vegas drunk driving accident victims generally have the right to demand compensation for their injuries and losses, not just from drunk drivers and their insurance companies but also from others whose actions wrongfully contributed to the crash.

At Edward Bernstein and Associates, our Las Vegas drunk driving accident lawyers represent those victims in insurance claims and legal actions. We strive to secure as much money as possible for our clients to help them pay for care and recover from drunk driving crashes.

Attorneys for Las Vegas Drunk Driving Victims

Edward Bernstein is one of the Silver State's most recognizable citizens and most respected Las Vegas personal injury lawyers. For over 40 years, Ed's law firm, Edward Bernstein and Associates, has represented injured people in Las Vegas and throughout the state, fighting to ensure they receive fair compensation when someone's negligence or recklessness causes them harm.

Ed and his team of award-winning colleagues have years of experience helping injured crash victims recover monetary damages from drunk drivers, insurance companies, and others. Every client receives individualized attention and the firm’s solemn commitment to pursue the money they need to pay for care and rebuild after the trauma of a drunk driving accident.

Las Vegas Drunk Driving Accident Guide

The Tragic Toll of Drunk Driving in Las Vegas

Data collected by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) paints a distressing picture of drunk driving crashes in Las Vegas. Over a recent five-year period, Vegas-area drunk driving accidents killed 122 people and injured more than 7,800. More than 100 of those crashes involved collisions with pedestrians. Another 16 hit bicyclists. Drunk drivers struck dozens of motorcyclists as well.

None of those crashes should have happened. From the day they get their first license, everyone knows how dangerous drinking and driving is. It is illegal in Nevada to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and offenders face stiff jail sentences, fines, and other consequences.

But sadly, Las Vegas's reputation as a place where people go to cut loose can sometimes works against anti-drunk driving legislation and advocacy. The tragic decision to drink and drive causes lasting pain and suffering for countless individuals, families, and communities daily.

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Potential Compensation for Drunk Driving Accidents in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Drunk Driving Lawyers

Victims of Las Vegas drunk drivers often sustain severe physical, emotional, and financial damage. Generally, Nevada law entitles them to seek compensation for that harm from anyone whose wrongful actions contributed to the cause of the drunk driving crash (and often, from those parties’ insurance policies). At Edward Bernstein and Associates, we work relentlessly to identify everyone who might owe you compensation for a drunk driving crash and calculate the full extent of the damages you suffered.

Who owes you damages for your Las Vegas drunk driving injuries?

Under Nevada law, a drunk driver who causes a crash virtually always owes damages to injured victims. The driver’s auto liability insurance usually pays at least some of those losses. The Edward Bernstein and Associates team has decades of experience securing damages from drunk drivers and their insurers on behalf of crash victims.

But drunk drivers aren’t the only ones who may face legal liability when they get into an accident in Las Vegas. At Edward Bernstein and Associates, we don’t stop at holding a drunk driver and his insurance company accountable. We investigate the root causes of drunk driving crashes to determine if other parties also owe damages to our injured clients.

For example:

  • Under Nevada law, a social host not licensed to sell alcohol who knowingly serves, sells, or furnishes alcohol to a person under 21, or knowingly allows a person under 21 to consume alcohol on premises the social host controls, can face liability to that minor’s drunk driving crash victims;
  • An automotive manufacturer whose defective products contributed to the cause of the crash can have strict liability to victims, regardless of the drunk driver’s involvement;
  • A party at fault for the unsafe design, construction, or maintenance of a road in Las Vegas, such as a government agency or construction contractor, could face liability for creating dangerous conditions that facilitated a drunk driving crash;
  • Other drivers—even if not drunk themselves—may face liability for negligent actions that triggered a drunk driving crash;
  • Workers’ compensation insurance will often cover some of the damages suffered by a drunk driving crash victim working at the time of the crash.

At Edward Bernstein and Associates, we understand that drunk drivers often cause far more damage and destruction than their auto insurance and personal assets can cover. That’s why we dig into cases to identify additional payment sources for our client’s injuries. We aim to secure full compensation for our clients whenever possible and possess the know-how and resources to do just that.

What compensation can you get for a Las Vegas drunk driving accident?

When we say that Las Vegas drunk driving victims have the right to compensation for their injuries and losses, we mean it in the broadest possible sense. Nevada law authorizes you to demand payment for the extensive physical, emotional, and financial damages inflicted by a drunk driver.

Every case we handle at Edward Bernstein and Associates differs, but through lawsuits and insurance claims, we can often secure payment for:

  • Past and future costs of medical care to treat your drunk driving accident injuries, including hospitalization, rehabilitation, surgery, medication, and medical equipment;
  • Other past and future expenditures you might make because of your injuries, such as costs of modifying your home to accommodate a disability or of hiring replacement services to help you go about your daily life;
  • Income you lost while missing work after the accident, including the value of paid time off you used;
  • Lost future earning capacity because of your injuries, such as if you now have a permanent disability;
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering the accident, your injuries, and your ongoing treatments caused;
  • The inconvenience and disruption of your daily life resulting from your injuries;
  • The harm to your personal and intimate relationships;
  • Your overall loss of enjoyment and quality of life.
  • Punitive damages when the person at-fault for your drunk driving accident acted with “oppression, fraud, or malice.”

We invite you to contact Edward Bernstein and Associates to learn about the type and range of damages you can claim for your drunk driving accident losses.

Fatal Las Vegas Drunk Driving Accidents

As NDOT's data reflect, drunk driving crashes kill more than 20 people annually in Las Vegas, on average. Many, if not most, of those who die are innocent victims of the drunk driver's tragic, reckless decision. Edward Bernstein and Associates have years of experience representing those left behind in these difficult circumstances.

Nevada’s wrongful death statute entitles the estate and the heirs of a deceased drunk driving victim to sue the at-fault party (or parties) for damages.

The victim’s estate can typically seek compensation for:

  • Medical expenses before death;
  • Funeral and burial expenses; and
  • Exemplary or punitive damages the victim could have sought had they lived.

Separately, the victim’s heirs (as determined by Nevada’s intestate succession law) can sue for:

  • Their grief or sorrow;
  • The loss of the victim’s probable support, companionship, society, comfort, and consortium; and
  • Damages for the victim’s pain, suffering, or disfigurement.

The same parties discussed above who might owe liability to an injured drunk driving accident victim will also generally face liability to the estate and heirs if the victim dies.

Over our many decades of law practice at Edward Bernstein and Associates, we have witnessed firsthand the profound difficulties faced by injured drunk driving accident victims and the mourning families of those who died.

As fellow Nevadans, we share their pain and outrage at the harm an irresponsible drunk driver did to them. And as personal injury lawyers, we make it our mission to see justice done and fair compensation paid for their losses.

We approach every case we take at Edward Bernstein and Associates with fresh eyes and a determination to learn and tell our client’s unique stories. The path we recommend to achieve the most favorable outcome can vary widely depending on our client’s priorities and circumstances. As a full-service, long-established law firm, we can tackle any challenge a case presents.

We can:

  • Take immediate steps to preserve our client’s rights and meet critical legal deadlines;
  • Delve into the evidence, with the help of experts when appropriate, to figure out how a drunk driving crash happened and who should bear legal and financial responsibility for it;
  • Calculate the full scale of our client’s physical, emotional, and financial losses;
  • Answer our clients’ questions promptly and offer guidance in plain English (or Español).
  • Prepare, file, and pursue lawsuits and insurance claims for our clients, seeking damages from every liable party;
  • Represent our clients’ interests in dealings with investigators and insurance companies;
  • Negotiate settlements and advise our clients on whether to accept or reject a settlement offer;
  • Go to trial in front of a Las Vegas judge and jury when necessary to achieve justice and fair compensation;
  • Collect and distribute money from all parties who owe damages to our client under a settlement or court award.

Clients of Edward Bernstein and Associates generally do not have to worry about how they can afford our services. We work on a contingent fee basis, meaning that our fee consists only of a percentage of any money we obtain for our clients. We do not charge them upfront retainers or hourly rates. They only pay if we recover compensation for them.

Tips for Protecting Your Rights as a Las Vegas Drunk Driving Accident Victim

If a drunk driver harms you or someone you love, the steps you take afterward can affect your legal interests and financial future. Following the tips below can protect your rights.

Seek Medical Care

Always seek medical attention immediately after getting into a crash with a drunk driver. Don’t wait any longer than necessary, even if you think you only suffered minor injuries. Some major trauma might not show symptoms immediately but could worsen if you delay care. Visiting the doctor protects your health and creates a valuable record of your injuries that a lawyer can use as evidence.

Do Not Agree to a Settlement Without Consulting a Lawyer

The insurance company representing the drunk driver may offer you a quick settlement of your potential claim. Do not say yes before consulting a lawyer. Most settlement offers made directly to injured victims fall well short of the amount you have the right to recover. Almost always, an experienced attorney can handle negotiations and get you far more.

Contact an Attorney Immediately

You have, at most, two years, and potentially as little as a few months, from your accident to take legal action for damages. If you miss a deadline, you can lose your rights entirely. Do not take the unnecessary risk of letting time get away from you. Contact Edward Bernstein and Associates today to protect your rights.

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Ed Bernstein, Las Vegas Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Drunk drivers will most likely continue to cause harm on Las Vegas roads. But you should never bear the burden of their irresponsibility on your own. You have rights to compensation, and our experienced attorneys can help you take full advantage of them.

Edward Bernstein and Associates has represented Las Vegas drunk driving accident victims for decades. Let us help you explore your options to seek reparations. Contact us online or call our Las Vegas office at (702) 840-5103 for your free case consultation with our knowledgeable legal professionals.