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Renting a car can make it convenient for visitors to navigate Las Vegas while they’re here. But when a rental car gets into an accident, crash victims often encounter difficulty obtaining compensation for their losses.

Many need the help of an experienced rental car accident lawyer who can overcome the potential complications of securing payment for their damages.

Edward Bernstein and Associates is that kind of law firm. We have decades of experience representing injured rental car accident victims in compensation claims. Our Las Vegas rental car accident lawyers are not afraid to stand up to big insurance carriers and rental car companies for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help after you suffer injuries in a Las Vegas rental car accident.

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Why Us?

The Edward Bernstein and Associates team has over 40 years of experience representing injured Las Vegas residents, workers, and visitors. We have an impressive track record of securing the compensation our clients need to pay their bills and rebuild their lives after an accident caused by somebody else’s negligence.

We work diligently to advance your rights and to protect you against aggressive insurance companies who try to pressure you into a lowball settlement. And our award-winning team of trial lawyers has what it takes to get results in the courtroom, no matter how difficult or complicated your Las Vegas car rental accident case. That’s why so many of our former clients will tell you that when it comes to hiring a lawyer for your accident claim: “Enough said. Call Ed!”

Las Vegas Rental Car Accident Guide

Common Causes of Las Vegas Rental Car Accidents

Tens of thousands of crashes happen in Las Vegas every year, according to Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) data. More than 100 victims die and thousands suffer injury in those accidents. And although exact numbers are not available, it's a fair bet that a significant proportion of them involve rental cars.

Las Vegas car rental crashes have numerous potential causes, most of which involve some human error.

Common culprits include:

  • Distracted driving, the result of drivers paying more attention to the sights and sounds of Las Vegas or lost tourists reading maps and GPS systems rather than watching the road.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI), a persistent and deadly problem among drivers who get behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs.
  • Drowsy driving, which is as dangerous as drunk driving, and common among Las Vegans who work long hours and visitors fatigued by jet lag, heat, and late nights.
  • Speeding, a leading cause of accidents on Las Vegas highways and in-town streets.
  • Defective or poorly maintained rental cars, which can fail at unexpected moments and cause a loss of control.

These are just some potential causes of a rental car accident in Las Vegas. Edward Bernstein and Associates attorneys work diligently to uncover the cause of a crash and to secure evidence to prove who you can hold at fault.

Who is liable for a rental car accident in Las Vegas?

Under Nevada law, you can generally claim damages from anyone who caused a Las Vegas rental car accident that injured you. One or more parties could bear liability to you for your losses.

At Edward Bernstein and Associates, we delve into the details of a crash to determine who should bear the blame. Here’s who our investigations frequently uncover.


According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), errors behind the wheel cause most car accidents in the United States. There is always a good chance a motor vehicle driver bears at least some blame for a Las Vegas rental car accident.

Rental Car Companies

A rental car business can face liability for a Las Vegas rental car accident if its employees' careless or reckless actions contribute to a crash. For example, a rental company might owe damages if its staff knowingly failed to maintain a rental car in safe working condition but rented it anyway, resulting in a crash.

In addition, the rental car business may have required the driver to purchase its insurance policy as part of the rental agreement. That could make the company or its insurer a party to your claim.

Automotive Manufacturers

Under Nevada law, manufacturers of cars and auto parts face strict liability for accidents triggered by defective products they made or sold. For instance, if a rental car crashes because of a catastrophic malfunction of its onboard computer, the auto manufacturer could owe damages to the victims.

Government Entities

Sometimes, you can hold a city or state government responsible for causing a rental car accident. For instance, if a public road agency fails to correct or warn drivers about unreasonably dangerous conditions on a city street, it could owe compensation to people injured in a resulting crash.

Who actually pays rental car accident damages?

The party at fault for causing a rental car accident in Las Vegas has the legal obligation to pay damages to injured victims. But in most cases, the at-fault party carries liability insurance that serves as the primary payment source for a victim's losses. An at-fault party may still have to pay damages out-of-pocket if the amount of insurance proves insufficient to cover what the party owes.

Numerous insurance policies may pay damages to the victim of a collision involving a rental car. Here's a sampling of common policies we may pursue for a client:

  • Nevada minimum auto liability insurance, which every Nevada car owner, including Las Vegas rental car companies, must carry, covering $25,000 in bodily injury per person, $50,000 in bodily injury per accident, and $20,000 in property damage.
  • An out-of-state driver’s personal auto liability insurance, which may cover the driver’s liability for causing harm while driving a rental car.
  • Credit card company-issued liability insurance, which may apply if an at-fault rental car driver paid for the car with an applicable credit card.
  • A business’s liability insurance, if the crash involved a commercial vehicle or the company bears some of the blame (e.g., a rental car company renting a defective vehicle);
  • Workers’ compensation insurance, if a victim suffered crash-related injuries while doing their job.

The Edward Bernstein and Associates team understands the ins and outs of seeking payment from each of these insurance policies. We also have experience securing payment from multiple insurers to ensure our clients receive full compensation whenever possible. Contact us today to get started exploring the potential payment sources for your Las Vegas rental car accident damages.

Potential Damages for a Las Vegas Rental Car Accident

Regardless of who pays your damages, you may claim compensation for the full scope of harm you suffered in a Las Vegas rental car crash.

Every case differs, but at Edward Bernstein and Associates, we can usually pursue payment for an accident victim’s:

  • Medical expenses in treating crash-related injuries and health problems;
  • Out-of-pocket expenditures for goods and services related to recovering from or living with an injury;
  • Lost income and vacation time used while healing;
  • Diminished future income because of an injury that impairs the ability to work;
  • Physical pain, emotional suffering, and loss of quality of life.

In your free consultation, we can discuss the types and potential compensation you might claim after your Las Vegas rental car crash.

Rental Car Accident Claim Deadlines

You may need to take prompt action if you hope to receive maximum damages for your Las Vegas rental car accident injuries. You must meet insurance and statute of limitations deadlines to preserve your right to compensation. The most reliable way to ensure you meet all applicable deadlines is to connect with an experienced rental car accident attorney immediately after a crash.

Insurance Deadlines

Many insurance policies require a covered party to give prompt notice of an accident that could trigger a claim. Failing to give this notice jeopardizes your rights. To find out what deadlines might apply to your potential insurance claim(s), call us immediately so we can review the terms and conditions of any insurance policy that may cover your damages in a rental car accident.

Statute of Limitations

In most cases, injured victims have just two years after their Las Vegas rental car accident to begin pursuing a damages claim. Sometimes, however, the deadline can decrease to just a few months. Missing this deadline—known as a statute of limitations—will typically end all rights to compensation.

Do not risk making a costly mistake by waiting too long to seek legal help for your rental car accident case. An experienced Las Vegas rental car accident lawyer from Edward Bernstein and Associates can explain the deadlines applicable to your case and how you can avoid missing them.

Will your rental car accident case go to court in Las Vegas?

Victims of Las Vegas rental car accidents, particularly those from out of state, sometimes worry about the inconvenience of pursuing a damages claim. They wonder if they will have to come back to Las Vegas for court proceedings and, if so, whether it's worthwhile to hire a lawyer.

Locals who end up in accidents with tourists may not know how to track down the at-fault party for testimony or restitution.

At Edward Bernstein and Associates, we make claiming compensation for rental car accident injuries as convenient and efficient as possible. We can't promise that you will never need to come back to Las Vegas for a trial. But we can say that it's pretty unlikely.

Most rental car accident cases we handle at Edward Bernstein and Associates settle out of court through negotiations between our team and the at-fault party's insurance carrier or defense lawyer. Only a fraction of personal injury cases (about 4 percent nationally) fails to settle and instead ends in courtroom trials. Someone may need to return to Las Vegas to appear in court in those cases.

Because we can't predict which cases will settle and which won't, the experienced lawyers at Edward Bernstein and Associates prepare every case as if we'll have to prove it to a judge and jury. By always preparing to go to trial, we can negotiate settlements from a position of strength.

Opposing lawyers and insurance companies know that when we say we’re ready to step into the courtroom to secure the damages our client deserves, we mean it. More often than not, our reputation as top-notch trial lawyers helps to convince our opponents to settle.

When a case heads in the direction of trial, our team works closely with clients to make sure they, too, feel prepared and ready for whatever role their presence in a courtroom might play. We’re fierce advocates for our clients and always have their backs.

Ed Bernstein
Ed Bernstein, Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Accident Lawyer

An accident involving a rental car in Las Vegas can result in severe physical, emotional, and financial difficulty. You should not have to face those challenges alone, and with the help of our experienced rental car attorneys, you don’t have to. Our skilled lawyers can evaluate your case and take the necessary steps to secure compensation to help you pay your bills and recover from your accident trauma.

Edward Bernstein and Associates has more than 40 years of experience fighting for injured Las Vegas accident victims. In a free consultation, a member of our team can explore your rights and begin explaining your options for pursuing damages from at-fault parties and insurance companies. Contact us today at (702) 840-5103 to start learning about the compensation you can claim for your Las Vegas rental car accident injuries.