How a Personal Injury Attorney Fights for You After a Car Accident

June 6, 2019 | Ed Bernstein
How a Personal Injury Attorney Fights for You After a Car Accident

In one split second, your life can turn from happy and normal to complete devastation! Being involved in an automobile accident and injured does that. And when it happens, it's important you hire a Las Vegas car accident attorney as quickly as possible. They’ll be there to help you overcome the obstacles and make you as whole again as fast as possible. Don’t go through the many aspects of experiencing an accident alone when you can have the guidance and counseling, the experience and protection, of Edward Bernstein & Associates with you. Your case is complex. And when it comes to fighting to get the care and money you deserve there are few who compare to Edward Bernstein & Associates. Here are just a few of the ways top personal injury attorney fights to help you through an automobile accident.

Obtain the Most and Best Evidence Possible

Obtain the Most and Best Evidence PossibleOne of the most critical, time-sensitive hurdles you want to clear firstly following a car accident is getting as much good and solid evidence as soon as possible. As time passes, memories fade. Key evidence changes or disappears altogether. That’s why you don’t want to wait to contact and hire your attorney. Unleash your attorney as rapidly as possible so they can:
  • Identify, interview, and document witnesses
  • Capture the reality and essence of the still fresh accident scene, when necessary
  • Gather camera footage from nearby homes and businesses
  • Secure as much evidence as possible
  • Review police reports
The evidence obtained can help to show why the accident happened and who was at fault. This can be vital to your personal injury case.

Handle the Insurance Company

A personal injury attorney helps you with your case by handling the insurance company. The insurance company will contact you and press for a recorded statement. Whether you're dazed and confused, uncertain about key elements, or unclear about the question, once you answer, it becomes a part of the record. Anything you say to them can be used against you. When you are represented by an attorney, all contact goes through the attorney. This helps ensure you don't say something wrong while confused, answer a question you don't understand, or do anything that hurts your case.

Help You with Medical Care

Help You with Medical CareFollowing a vehicular accident, getting medical care can be tricky. If you cannot afford co-pays or do not have health insurance, you may be unsure how to get the treatment you need. A personal injury attorney in Las Vegas can help you find a doctor to work on a lien basis. Meaning the doctor treats you without requiring you to pay anything for now. When your case settles, they will take their money out of your settlement. This helps you get the care you need, without spending money you don't have, for an accident that wasn't your fault.

Work to Negotiate a Settlement

The majority of personal injury cases in Southern Nevada settle before they ever go to trial. There are many benefits associated with settling a case rather than going to trial. Settling is faster and cheaper for both parties. A great lawyer will work with the insurance company and their attorneys to negotiate a settlement. They will present all the facts in to the opposition and show why you are entitled to the amount you're requesting.

Take Your Case to Trial

Take Your Case to TrialThe final way a personal injury attorney fights for you after an accident is by taking your case to trial. The other party may not be willing to negotiate or agree on a fair settlement amount. When this happens, going to trial is in your best interest. Once on trial, your attorney will present the evidence they collected and show why the other driver was at fault and why they are responsible for your injuries. They will use your medical reports to show what injuries you sustained and what your past, current and future medical needs are. Your attorney presents the information to a judge or jury, who will have the final say in how much you are awarded for your case. Levitra is able to maintain its effect for twelve hours after the reception. During this period, it can cause about 8 solid erections. During the action of the drug, the duration of sexual intercourse on average is about thirty minutes. The pill should be washed down with water. At least 60 minutes should pass after a meal for the best result. This drug is prohibited for men with a weak heart and for those who have average health problems, such as stomach ulcers, liver failure, and so on. Read more at


When in a vehicle accident, hire the best personal injury lawyer in the greater Las Vegas area to help you. Edward Bernstein & Associates deserve your primary consideration because of years of experience and deep roots and relationships with the courts, service providers, and regulatory agencies throughout the valley. Contact us now to schedule your free consultation and let us go to work fighting for you after an auto accident in the greater Las Vegas area. Enough Said. Call Ed.


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