7 Bicycle Accident Prevention Tips from Personal Injury Lawyers

January 23, 2017 | Ed Bernstein
7 Bicycle Accident Prevention Tips from Personal Injury Lawyers

Cycling is a great way for people of all ages to stay fit while enjoying the outdoors. Unlike running or high-intensity strength training, cycling has minimum impact on your joints yet it greatly enhances your cardiovascular health. Two Children On Cycle Ride In Countryside Unfortunately, bicycling comes with inherent risks – especially when you ride on busy roads. Due to their small size, bicycles can disappear in vehicles’ blind spots. All it takes is one distracted or negligent driver to cause a collision. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 494,000 people were admitted to hospitals after being knocked off their bicycles in 2013. That same year, more than 900 cyclists died in crashes. Even with the proper safety equipment, a bicyclist is likely to suffer injuries in the event of an accident. If you were hit by a vehicle and sustained an injury, then you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost income and other damages. If the incident happened in Nevada, contact a Las Vegas accident attorney from Ed Bernstein & Associates. Our law firm has helped more than 200,000 injured clients. Call 702-240-0000 to schedule a free initial consultation. 7 Rules That Will Keep You Safe while Cycling in Las Vegas It is critical that cyclists are proactive about riding safely. These seven tips will reduce your risk of crashing and sustaining injuries:

  1. Never ride on the sidewalk, and when you travel on the road, ride in the same direction as traffic;
  2. Obey all traffic signs including red lights, even if the intersection is clear;
  3. Ride on a designated bike path whenever one is available;
  4. Do not ride on highways, expressways or interstate routes with high speed limits;
  5. Wear a helmet;
  6. Install a white light on the front of your handlebars and a red one on the back of your bike to help other drivers see you; and
  7. Check that your brakes are working properly before you depart.
What Should I Do after a Bicycle Accident in Nevada? If you were hit by a vehicle while riding your bike, your top priority is to seek medical attention. Call the police immediately. If you are able, take photos of the accident scene that show traffic signs, skid marks, injuries, property damage, and the position of your bicycle and the vehicle. Also, record the insurance and contact information of the driver, as well as the contact details of eyewitnesses. Visit your doctor as soon as possible – even if you do not feel seriously injured. Sometimes it takes several days for the symptoms of an injury to manifest, but if you put off a medical evaluation, it may be difficult to tie your injuries to the crash. Then, contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer from Ed Bernstein & Associates. We will help you avoid mistakes during the claims process such as overlooking certain damages or unknowingly admitting fault to insurance adjusters. Our office is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 702-240-0000 to schedule a free initial consultation.    


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