Why It Can Wait! Think Before You Drive Tired

December 16, 2019 | Ed Bernstein
Why It Can Wait! Think Before You Drive Tired One of the biggest known causes of car accidents is distracted or drowsy driving. Texting while driving is dangerous, but drowsy driving? That’s a whole new level of danger. Texting while driving is breaking the law as it’s classified as impaired driving. Many driving experts talk about being tired and drowsy behind the wheel as impaired driving too. It’s just on another level.  If you have an injury as a result of a car accident in Las Vegas due to drowsy driving, you may need the expertise and support of Ed Bernstein, one of the best lawyers in Las Vegas. Drowsy Driving: What Is It? When a driver is too tired to be on the road or too impaired to stay alert, impaired driving occurs. They may not fall asleep at the wheel, but are unable to stay alert while in control of a vehicle. This results in much slower reaction times and impaired thinking. There is also the chance that there will be less vigilance for noticing what goes on around them. They may not even realize that they are sleepy, but this is where vigilance comes in. Drivers must never be behind the wheel if they are sleepy or even remotely drowsy as they are then a liability to other drivers. What Causes Drowsy Driving? A lot of drivers feel tired when they’re behind the wheel, but there is a difference between feeling tired and feeling drowsy or unable to concentrate. Some common causes of drowsiness include:
  • Lack of sleep
  • Medication
  • Untreated sleep disorders
Consequences Of Driving Drowsy The consequences of driving while drowsy can be devastating. When you fall asleep at the wheel, you put your own life as well as the lives of others at risk on the road. Car accidents are already a concern, and when people drive while drowsy, they will be at a much higher risk of causing a crash.  If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a car accident caused by driving while drowsy or tired, you will need the help of the best car accident lawyers that Las Vegas has to offer. With Ed Bernstein’s expertise and the help of his associates, you can ensure that you get the settlement that you deserve. Preventing Car Accidents in Las Vegas The best way that crashes can be prevented is by people not driving while drowsy. It is up to the driver to ensure that they are safe to drive before getting behind the wheel. However, it’s important to manage the fatigue that comes with driving impaired in the first place. The urge to go to sleep is a strong one, whether or not the window is open and the music is loud. Here are a few ways that drivers can prevent driving while tired:
  • Have a full night of sleep before driving anywhere
  • Avoid driving late into the night
  • Drive with another person who can take over
  • Nap after drinking caffeine
  • Stop to sleep when you need it
  • Don’t drive if you cannot manage it
  • Don't drive if medication will make you drowsy.
Liability When Driving Tired Some people think that driving while tired is harmless, but it can have very serious consequences. If a car accident happens and other people are hurt, the driver who has chosen to drive while drowsy is liable for their injuries. They could also be risking charges like vehicular manslaughter if the accident was serious. Causing a car accident in Las Vegas while driving tired carries the same liability as if you were wide awake. If another driver causes your injuries, the same is true: they are at fault, and they are liable for damages. What to Do if You Are Hit by a Driver Who Fell Asleep at the Wheel As experienced personal injury lawyers, we can talk you through the case. Proving that a driver was behind the wheel while drowsy is very difficult, but we know what we are looking for, such as a lack of braking or even signs that the driver was weaving in the road.  Ed Bernstein Can Help If you have been injured as a result of driver’s negligence, you need to have the best lawyer in Las Vegas by your side, and that’s Ed Bernstein. Contact us today for a free consultation. Finding out if you have a case won’t cost you anything, but not knowing could cost you a lot.


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