EMB Mike and Carla 5For this week’s episode of The Ed Bernstein Show, Ed was honored to sit down and chat with KKLZ 96.3 morning radio hosts Mike O’Brian and Carla Rae.


Mike O’Brian will be celebrating his 30th consecutive year as Las Vegas’ “Morning Guy” this upcoming January, and he also worked in radio for several years before this. Besides hosting, he is part of a local classic rock band called The Wedge Brothers. Through the years, between venue openings, fundraisers, and other events, Mr. O’Brian may have become one of Vegas’ most seen residents. One of his favorite memories was the honor of being introduced to Former President Bill Clinton.


Carla Rae is not only a well-known radio host, but also recognized as a comedienne. Her work has led to several public appearances, including a Showtime Comedy Club Special and some work with Conan O’Brien.


One of Carla’s biggest influences was her father, who was part of the musical group The Gaylords in the 1950s. The group went on to become known as Gaylord and Holiday, a very successful musical comedy team that played in Vegas for many years. Being familiar with showbiz at an early age prompted Carla to start her own career, beginning with voice work over the radio. From there she went on to guest hosting several radio shows and eventually hosting. She hosted talk radio on Hot Talk 105.1 in 1997 until she teamed up with Mike O’Brian in 2000 at 97.1 The Point. She took a break from radio until she joined Mr. O’Brian again at 96.3 KKLZ where they currently host the morning show.


Being friends for decades, Mike and Carla have great on-air chemistry that can be heard throughout Las Vegas every morning on 96.3. “We actually like each other!,” Mike laughs.


Now the duo can not only be heard, but seen by those that tune in to watch The Ed Bernstein Show this Sunday at 3pm on Channel 3!