Summer 2019 Cone Zones Updates in Las Vegas

June 11, 2019 | Ed Bernstein
Summer 2019 Cone Zones Updates in Las Vegas

Project Neon may be winding down, but the dance of the cone zones is still in full bloom throughout greater Las Vegas. We have a theory that there is no place to store orange construction cones. So, the powers that be simply tear up new areas of roadways to keep them moving around. During the warmer months and longer daylight hours of summer, you can expect to see an increase in roadway construction. And as we know, highway and road construction areas are magnets for auto accidents because they create congestion, rapid adjustments in speed, and confusion. Expect delays and congestion this summer on both state highways and municipal streets. Let’s take a look at some of the bigger projects occurring around the greater Las Vegas area this summer.

summer road projects in 2019 in and around Las Vegas, known as summer cone zonesThe Southern 215 Expansion

A 7 mile stretch of the 215 Southern Beltway between Decatur Avenue and Tropicana Boulevard is undergoing widening. At a cost of $11 million, it is expected to be completed sometime in September of this year.

The I-15 & Tropicana Interchange

This stretch of I-15 from Flamingo Road to Russell Road will continue to undergo improvements in anticipation of the increased traffic flow upon completion of the new NFL Raiders Stadium. Flamingo Road, Harmon Avenue, and Russell Road will be impacted as well during the project.

Nellis Boulevard Rehabilitation Project

This massive $34 million project will resurface the street, upgrade utilities, and improve pedestrian safety on Nellis Boulevard from Tropicana Boulevard to Craig Road. Expect completion near the end of 2021.

Starr Avenue & I-15 Interchange

Designed to relieve traffic and congestion from St. Rose Parkway, Cactus Drive, and Dean Martin Drive by raising I-15 over Starr Avenue, this project should be completed by September 2019.

U.S. 95 from Ann Road to Kyle Canyon Road

Throughout the summer narrowed lanes continue along northbound U.S. 95 between Ann and Kyle Canyon Roads. Lanes are being increased in both directions to accommodate carpooling. At a cost of $78 million, we hope to see completion in December of this year.

SR 160 Widening Between Las Vegas and Pahrump

Much needed improvements are literally blasting their way through the rocks along a 6 mile stretch of State Road 160 between Las Vegas and Pahrump. The former 2-lane road is expanding to 4. Started in September 2018, look for completion in 2020.

Safety First in the Cone Zone

Please slow down, stay alert, and obey directions in construction zones. Your consideration protects the lives and health of workers and fellow drivers. A few minutes of time is never worth the lives, health, and safety of other people. When Accidents Happen Ed Bernstein & Associates Help Invariably construction zones attract nearby accidents. When that happens, get professional legal assistance from experienced and qualified car accident attorneys at Ed Bernstein & Associates.  Enough. Said. Call. Ed.


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