10 Common Construction Site Accidents

August 24, 2018 | Ed Bernstein
10 Common Construction Site Accidents Construction site accidents can be devastating to workers and families. The work is already hard enough without having to worry about whether you or someone you love will get hurt or worse. Ask anyone who works in construction, and they know someone who’s been a victim of at least one of these common accidents. Here are 10 \types we often see in our construction accident law firm office in Las Vegas:


FallingFalling from scaffolding and great heights or tripping and falling closer to the ground are both very common on construction sites. It’s the biggest cause of accidents and the leading cause of death on job sites. Most of the time, it’s due to a lack of appropriate training and/or equipment, as well as unattended tools and equipments.

Electric Shock

Electrocution is a very real risk on a construction site due to the unfinished and exposed wiring present at certain stages of the job. A best-case scenario may be a small burn, but workers have died from being electrocuted. Prevention and adequate training are often the best strategies to keep people safe.

Auto Accidents

Auto AccidentsWhile some accidents on a construction site might occur while a worker drives a vehicle, it’s not the most common reason. Sadly, the majority of auto accidents involving construction sites are caused by other drivers on the road. It’s up to everyone to slow down and keep their attention on the road at all times. But it's most important when driving through a construction zone. Not slowing down or seeing workers often lead to tragic outcomes.

Hard Labor

Construction work involves hard labor. You’re out there sweating in the heat and shivering the cold. As a result, people get hurt. Heatstroke and exhaustion are threats in warm weather, and frostbite can be an issue in winter depending on the weather. Physical assessments can help make sure that a worker can do the job before they’re hired, but sites also need to give workers the opportunity to rest and get out of the elements, too.

Falling Debris

Falling DebrisOnce you begin to build up, the chances of something falling from a great height on a job site increase. While hard hats should be worn at all times, they don’t prevent everything. Beams, tools, or anything else can fall from a higher level and hit someone on the head. Training and proper equipment will go along way in keeping everyone safe on a construction site.

Fires and Explosions

While big explosions might be rare, they can and do still happen. The causes vary from unfinished pipework to incomplete electrical systems and gas leaks. Awareness and preventative measures are the best defense. It’s important for everyone to know the dangers and risks when they’re on a construction site and how to prevent a tragedy.

Machinery Accidents

Machinery AccidentsHeavy machinery is standard on a construction site. From something as small as a nail gun or power drill to big equipment like cranes, excavators, and bulldozers, they’re all necessary and all potentially dangerous. Poorly trained workers and badly maintained equipment can all cause great harm and injury.

Getting Stuck

It might sound like something from a movie, but construction workers can get trapped in between heavy equipment and machinery on a job site. Vehicles, beams, forklifts, and more can all block someone’s path or be placed or dropped in a bad spot. Workers may be pressed between them causing serious injury.

Collapsed Trenches

Trenches are extremely common on a construction site. They have to be dug and maintained while in use. Without a protective system, good communication, and proper equipment, a trench collapse is very possible, trapping construction workers as they go down. Fatalities are too common, as are serious injuries and long-term disabilities.

Self-Inflicted Injuries

Self-Inflicted InjuriesWhen we say “self-inflicted” we’re referring to the stresses and strains that come from moving wrong or lifting heavy things. It often happens when a worker moves too fast, bends too quickly, or moves in the wrong direction. Training and proper equipment can help prevent these injuries, as well as making sure there are enough workers to properly do a job.


If you or someone you love has been injured on a construction site, you know how tragic these accidents can be. Lack of safety standards, poor equipment, and improper training shouldn’t mean that you’re out of work or living with a disability for the rest of your life. The right personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Ed Bernstein and Associates to learn how we can help you.


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