The Five Most Dangerous Jobs in Las Vegas

August 19, 2019 | Ed Bernstein
The Five Most Dangerous Jobs in Las Vegas

Some jobs in Las Vegas are more dangerous than others. Sometimes the work itself is risky, and sometimes it's the working environment that poses a danger to workers. Every employer in Nevada should offer workers compensation to take care of you when you get hurt in any job. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way. In a dangerous job, the cost of an accident adds up quickly. Here are five of the most dangerous jobs in Las Vegas.


RoofersRoofing is dangerous as you can slide off of a roof while working and injure yourself or even die. While protective gear, such as harnesses, should protect you, they can not prevent every injury. Beyond the dangers of working high above the ground present, roofers in Nevada are also subject to excessive heat during the summer months. This can lead to dehydration or heat stroke. During monsoon season, which lead to heavy, unexpected periods of rain, roofs become slick and slippery. This causes plenty of falls and injuries.

Taxi Cab Drivers

Taxi cab drivers are at risk in two different ways. First, robbery and assault are not unheard of for tax drivers, causing both mental and physical injuries. While installing cameras in taxis has had a positive impact on safety of drivers, danger still lurks. The second reason driving a taxi cab can be dangerous is because taxi cab drivers are at risk for being involved in an auto accident with all of the driving they are doing. They are often in some of the most congested traffic along the strip, which puts them in constant contact with distracted drivers, congestion, and other factors that lead to accidents.

Truck Drivers

Truck DriversDriving on the road is dangerous. Las Vegas, in particular, has a large number of tourists who driving in the valley. They are unfamiliar with the roads and may be looking at tourist attractions. This is one of the reasons why Vegas has a high traffic accident percentage compared to other areas. Truck drivers who make deliveries or drive in and out of the city are at risk for injuries or death due to the actions of other drivers, including those tourists who may not be familiar with our roadways. This can lead to devastating truck accidents that impact everyone involved.

Security Guards

Security guard positions are everywhere in Las Vegas. They work at the clubs, bars and casinos. Unfortunately, security guards often face troublesome individuals. They deal with people who are drunk or need to contain individuals breaking laws until the police arrive. Security guards can sustain a number of injuries, including slip and falls while chasing suspects, or injuries sustained when suspects fight back.

Road Construction Workers

Road Construction WorkersYou already know that Las Vegas roadways are hazardous. People are not always paying attention to their surroundings, and they may be in a hurry to get where they are going. Road construction workers put their lives at risk every day as they repair pot holes, repave roads, and build new roadways or road structures. Road construction workers work in oppressively hot temperatures during the summer months, which causes heat-related injuries likes heatstroke or heat exhaustion.


If you work in one of these fields, you face the risk for an on-the-job injury more than in other fields. Workers compensation helps cover your medical expenses and lost wages when you get hurt. Unfortunately, insurance companies often wrongfully deny coverage for a claim or fail to provide all of the benefits you are entitled to. If you suffered injuries while working a dangerous job, you need an attorney who understands the dangers of working in Las Vegas. They can help you to obtain the benefits that you are entitled to. Here at Ed Bernstein and Associates, we can help you with your case. Book a free consultation with us today.


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