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According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, the total economic cost of traffic accidents in the state is $1.809 billion. When these accidents involve trucks, the consequences can be more serious, because trucks carry heavier loads. Truck drivers and truck companies are required to abide by strict federal and local laws. Unfortunately, not all truck companies and their drivers follow the law. Companies may place pressure on drivers to deliver goods in unreasonable timeframes, resulting in drivers staying on the road for longer hours than they are legally permitted. Other drivers may speed and some companies may overload their vehicles. At the end of the day, when truck companies and drivers break the law, the people who suffer are often innocent drivers on the road. The consequences of truck accidents can be devastating for victims and their families. If your life has been changed as a result of a truck crash, an experienced truck accident attorney in Henderson, Nevada may be able to help you receive a recovery for your medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and rehabilitation expenses. Ed Bernstein & Associates are personal injury lawyers who understand the unique challenges individuals face when they’ve been involved in an accident with a semi truck or large truck. It is important to find a lawyer who is familiar with state and federal regulation. The injuries individuals sustain in truck accidents can be costly. Many parties may be responsible for your accident, from truck drivers, to the companies that own their equipment. Don’t suffer in silence. Contact the Henderson, Nevada semi truck accident lawyers at Ed Bernstein & Associates today.

The Big Business of the Trucking Industry

 Henderson Truck Accident AttorneysAccording to Logistics Management, the trucking industry is big business. How big? In 2014, the industry grossed $700.4 billion in revenue. This is more money than a single oil company makes in a year. Along with this kind of money, come serious liabilities. Drivers must be properly trained and licensed. Trucks must be properly inspected. Companies are required to abide by a host of federal and local regulations that govern everything from the roads trucks can drive on, to the hours drivers can get behind the wheel, to the weights each truck can carry.

Because of these liabilities, truck companies and their drivers are required to carry serious insurance in order to protect them. Truck accidents can result in serious injuries to other drivers on the road, and trucks are required to be ready to pay for victims’ injuries and medical expenses, when appropriate. Some trucks carry insurance policies in the millions to protect them in the event of a serious accident.

It is important to understand the pressures that drivers are under. Many truck drivers are hard-working individuals who want to please their bosses and make sure that goods get to their destinations on time. Yet, as companies fight to cut costs and increase their profits, often the pressure is put on drivers. In some cases, drivers cut corners, either by driving for longer periods than they should, or they overload their trucks. Drivers may speed to get to a destination on time. Federal regulations limit how long a driver can be behind the wheel without a break. Yet, many drivers may falsify logs in order to ship goods according to schedule. This results in tired drivers on the road, posing a danger to others. Trucks should be regularly maintained, but companies may fail to make required repairs in order to save money. This can result in blown tires, brakes that don’t work, or other issues that can lead to accidents.

If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident in Henderson, Nevada, you should know that you are not alone. Truck companies and their lawyers may put pressure on you and your loved ones to settle quickly. They may do this to avoid media attention associated with an accident, or they may do this to try to pressure you into taking a settlement that is lower than you may deserve. If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, you need a truck accident attorney on your side. A semi truck accident lawyer can review your injuries and losses and estimate the total damages you may be entitled to receive. A truck accident lawyer can fight against drivers, companies, and other stakeholders to help you get the recovery you may deserve. If you’ve been hurt due to a company’s negligence, neglect, or greed, you need someone on your side. Our semi truck accident lawyers in Henderson, Nevada work hard to help you.

Justice and Awareness for Truck Accident Victims in Henderson, Nevada

When truck accident victims hold truck companies accountable for their negligence or rule breaking, they raise awareness and make it more likely that companies may be safer in the future. When truck companies put profits above individuals’ safety, they should be held accountable. Ed Bernstein & Associates are truck accident lawyers in Henderson, Nevada who work hard to help truck accident victims seek justice.

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