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Like most property owners, you probably carry a substantial amount of insurance to help protect your property in the event of an accident or disaster. When devastating property damage occurs, you will need to file a property damage claim with your own insurance company. However, that does not automatically mean that your claim will proceed smoothly. You will likely find yourself fighting with the insurance company to get the full compensation you deserve for those damages. Worse, your insurance company may choose to deny your claim altogether.

At Edward Bernstein and Associates, our Henderson property damage lawyers have the resources to help you fight for the compensation you deserve as part of a property damage claim in Henderson. Contact us today to discuss your rights.

Henderson Property Damage Guide

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Dealing with a property damage claim on your own can ultimately mean that you do not recover the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustained in the accident. By working with Ed Bernstein and Associates, on the other hand, you can feel much more confident about the outcome of your claim.

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At Edward Bernstein and Associates, you will find an experienced Henderson property damage lawyer with the necessary resources to help you through the claim process. My past opponents include numerous property insurance companies. I have successfully helped many clients navigate the claim process and recover the compensation they deserve for those damages. As one of America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators, I pride myself on offering a high level of support to every client.

When you need to file a property damage claim, you do not want to find yourself struggling to get in touch with a lawyer when you need support. At Edward Bernstein and Associates, we make it easy to get in touch. You can call us or connect with us via our online contact form to learn more about your rights following property damage.

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Navigating a property damage claim can prove incredibly stressful. By working with Ed Bernstein and Associates, you can feel much more confident about the outcome of your claim.

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Common Types of Property Damage in Henderson

Damage can occur to your property in many ways. However, some damage does happen more often than other damage types.

Car Accident Damage

Henderson sees about ten fatal car accidents each year and hundreds more accidents involving damage to the vehicle. Even a minor collision can end up causing substantial damage to a vehicle.

In some cases, collisions can cause such severe damage that the repair cost will exceed the vehicle’s value, in which case, the insurance company will usually total the vehicle. Then, the insurance company will provide compensation for the cost of replacing the vehicle rather than the cost of taking care of repairs.


Fires can cause serious damage to homes and businesses across Henderson. In addition to causing considerable damage because of smoke and flames, fire can also result in significant water damage as firefighters work to put out the flames. Henderson also stands at high risk of wildfires, which can cause immense damage to properties throughout Henderson. After a wildfire, many residents may have similar damage to their homes, which can delay the processing of insurance claims.

Flash Floods

Henderson typically sees rain just 27 days per year. In those 27 days, Henderson may accumulate up to five inches of rain. Sometimes, rainstorms can lead to flash flooding, which can pose a significant danger for homes and vehicles throughout the area. Flash floods can cause immense water damage, including rising water that can pose a serious problem in many homes.


Because earthquakes can occur throughout Nevada and the Henderson area, property owners may need earthquake coverage on their homes. Earthquakes can cause structural damage to many properties, which can mean considerable, costly repairs.

Theft or Vandalism

When thieves or vandals strike, it can mean substantial financial losses. You may have to repair your home, especially after a violent break-in. Not only that, you may need to replace any items stolen or damaged beyond repair due to the actions of those vandals. Have a lawyer review your policy to determine your coverage in the event of theft or vandalism, especially regarding items like collectibles, artwork, or jewelry, which you may need to insure separately.

Dealing with the Insurance Company After Suffering Property Damage in Henderson: What to Expect

​Henderson Property Damage Attorneys

Property damage claims can include claims against a liable party’s insurance company, as in the case of vehicle damage, or claims against your insurance company. Most often, following substantial damage to your home, you may need to file a claim through your own insurance provider. Some assume that filing a claim with their insurance company will make the claim process go more smoothly.

However, your insurance company may still throw challenges your way as you try to move forward with your claim.

  • Your insurance company may deny the claim. In some cases, your insurance company may try to prove that you do not have coverage for the specific event that caused damage to your home, for example.
  • The insurance company may try to pressure you to accept a lower settlement offer than your coverage actually provides or fail to provide coverage in essential areas outside the initial home repairs.
  • You may get dramatically different estimates from contractors than the insurance company issues. In some cases, those estimates may sit thousands of dollars apart,
  • The insurance company may delay processing your claim. In the meantime, you may not have the funds needed to start repairs on your home.
  • The insurance company may try to show that you did not take the needed steps to protect against further damage to your home and that, as a result, you do not deserve compensation for those damages.

Dealing with the insurance company on your own can leave you without much of the compensation you could otherwise recover for the damages to your property. By working with Edward Bernstein and Associates, however, you can get the support you need to move forward with your claim. We have the resources necessary to fight even the big names in home insurance, and we will use those resources to help you fight for your right to compensation.

What To Do After Suffering Property Damage in Henderson

When you suffer property damage, you want to take the steps necessary to protect your right to compensation as much as possible.

A property damage claim can include multiple elements, and you do not want to miss any details that could interfere with your claim.

  • Take photos of all damage as soon as possible. Avoid doing anything that would put you in danger, but try to get photos of all damaged items or areas of the property.
  • Take any steps needed to prevent further damage to the property. While you should not start repairs, you can, for example, dry out property that got soaked in a flash flood or put a cover over a damaged roof after a tree falls. If you do not take those steps, and further damage occurs to the property, the insurance company may attempt to claim that you do not deserve further compensation.
  • Contact your insurance company and file a claim as soon as possible. Your insurance company can let you know about any further steps you may need to take to protect yourself and your right to compensation.
  • Put together a log of everything damaged in the incident. You may need to take photos of damaged items. Include electronics, appliances, and valuables throughout the home as well as the home itself.
  • Consult our lawyers to learn more about how you can protect your right to compensation. Our lawyers can review your home insurance policy and give you a better idea of the terms of that policy and the compensation you should expect from it, which can make it easier for you to determine how to manage your claim.

Do not try to handle your property damage claim alone, which could cause you to miss out on much-deserved compensation. Instead, call Ed Bernstein and Associates to help you manage your claim and learn more about your rights.

Henderson Property Damage FAQs

What are the common types of property damage claims in Henderson?

Many property damage claims fall into either auto insurance or property insurance claims. Your claim may depend on what type of coverage you have or who caused the damage to your property. For example, if another driver causes an accident, you can file a property damage claim through that driver’s insurance.

On the other hand, many other types of claims, including home insurance claims, will generally go through your own insurance coverage.

  • Liability auto insurance: Nevada drivers must carry minimum liability insurance, including a minimum of $20,000 in damage protection, to cover the cost of damages if they cause an accident.
  • Collision auto insurance: Collision insurance kicks in when the person who carries the policy causes an accident. It will cover the cost of repairs to the liable party’s vehicle and the cost of repairs to the other party’s property.
  • Comprehensive auto insurance: Comprehensive insurance kicks in when circumstances other than an accident cause damage to a vehicle.
  • Homeowners’ insurance: Homeowners’ insurance provides coverage for your property. You can have homeowners’ insurance that covers the property and its contents or landlord insurance that covers the cost of repairs to a home but not its contents.
  • Renters’ insurance: People who do not own the property they live in may carry renters insurance to cover the cost of damage to their possessions. Renters’ insurance does not cover the cost of damage to the building itself.

Having the right insurance coverage can make a big difference in the event of serious damage. A lawyer can help look over your policy to help determine how much coverage you have, including any coverage areas you might not have noted ahead of time.

When do I need a lawyer to help with a property damage claim in Henderson?

Having a lawyer on your side can make a big difference as you move forward with a Henderson property damage claim.

You may also notice several key signs you need to bring in our lawyers to help with your claim.

  • You do not receive notice from the insurance company that it received your claim and will begin processing.
  • The insurance company makes you a very low settlement offer.
  • The insurance company denies liability for the damage to your property.
  • You have questions about your coverage or how you can best pursue compensation for the damages to your home.

By working with a Henderson personal injury lawyer, you can get a better idea of how you should best handle your property damage claim.

What should I do if the insurance company denies my Henderson insurance claim?

If the insurance company denies your claim, get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss any questions you might have and how to appeal your claim. In many cases, appealing the claim can help you overturn the insurance company’s decision and get the compensation you deserve for those damages.

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