Henderson Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injuries have life-long repercussions, affecting how people live, work, and even maintain relationships with loved ones. However, when these injuries are the result of another person’s actions, victims of this devastating injury should not have these deal with these horrifying consequences on their own. Rather, they should be able to fight back and go after the compensation and justice they deserve for the harm, losses, and damages they suffered.

That is why if you suffered a spinal cord injury in Henderson because of another person’s negligence or other wrongful actions, contact the law firm of Edward Bernstein and Associates. Our experienced Henderson spinal cord injury attorneys are here for you, ready to fight for your legal rights and go after the financial recovery you need.

Henderson Spinal Cord Injury Guide

If you suffered harm in an accident, you should be able to talk to a legal professional that has the answers you need regarding your legal options and the legal actions you should take next.

At Ed Bernstein and Associates, our legal team has been helping those harmed in accidents for almost 40 years, fighting for their rights, going after the damages they deserve, and making sure they get the legal support and guidance they need during this challenging time. Because of this fight, drive, and dedication, we have not only helped countless clients over the last four decades, but we have also secured millions of dollars on their behalf.

That is why if you endured a spinal cord injury due to another person’s wrongful actions reach out to the legal team at Edward Bernstein and Associates. Our attorneys can review your case for free and meet with you at one of our conveniently located offices, including our Henderson location, which can be found at the corner of West Warm Springs Road and Annabelle Lane.

What You Need to Know About Spinal Cord Injuries

spinal cord injury generally involves damage to the spinal cord  the nerves within the spinal canal. These injuries usually result from a sudden blow to the spine, such as during a high-impact motor vehicle accident. Or they can result from a disease or a severed spinal cord.

Different Classifications of Spinal Cord Injuries

Most spinal cord injuries can be divided into two types:

  • A complete spinal cord injury: This injury results in permanent damage to the area of the spinal cord that is affected. Typically, following a complete spinal cord injury, paraplegia or tetraplegia will result.
  • An incomplete spinal cord injury: When a person suffers an incomplete spinal cord injury, it means that there is only partial damage to the spinal cord, and the ability to move after this injury will depend on the area where the spinal cord was damaged and the severity of the injury.

Signs and Symptoms of a Spinal Cord Injury

As explained above, the symptoms of a spinal cord injury will usually depend on the circumstances of the injury.

However, in general, some of the more common signs and symptoms of a spinal cord injury include:

  • Movement loss
  • Sensation loss
  • Pain
  • Intense stinging sensations
  • Issues with breathing
  • Heart rate issues
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control
  • Extensive back pain
  • Pressure in the head, neck, or back
  • Changes in sexual function
  • Issues with balancing or walking
  • Lack of coordination
  • Paralysis
  • Weakness in any part of the body or altered reflexes and sensations
  • Mental health issues, such as severe anxiety or depression
  • Wellness problems

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should reach out to a doctor as soon as possible and get examined. However, due to the life-changing consequences of these injuries, it is important for victims to not only get medical treatment but proper legal representation so that they can go after the financial recovery they deserve.

Common Henderson Accidents That Can Result in Spinal Cord Injuries

Henderson Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Although spinal cord injuries can develop for many different reasons, typically, these tragic injuries tend to result from:

  • Falls from significant heights
  • Violence
  • Sporting activities
  • Construction site accidents
  • Defective products and machinery failure
  • Worksite accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents, especially on some of Henderson’s most dangerous roadways and intersections, including Southeastern Ave. and St. Rose Parkway, North Green Valley Parkway and E. Sunset Road, and South Eastern Ave. and West Horizon Parkway

However, if you suffered a spinal cord injury due to another person’s wrongful actions, no matter if the cause is listed above, consider contacting an experienced Henderson spinal cord injury attorney at Ed Bernstein and Associates. Our legal team can go over the accident with you in detail, determine if you can pursue legal action, and help you figure out what legal steps you should take next.

How to Know if You Have a Viable Legal Claim Following a Henderson Spinal Cord Injury Accident?

Not every spinal cord injury accident will result in a viable legal claim.

In fact, to be able to go after compensation following this tragic accident, an attorney will usually have to go over the following questions and factors to figure out if you have a case you can pursue:

  • Did the spinal cord injury accident result from another person’s reckless, negligent, or intentional actions?
  • Did the spinal cord injury result in substantial medical bills and other financial losses?
  • Are you able to work following this accident?
  • Is there still enough time to file a lawsuit following your spinal cord injury accident?
  • Does the at-fault party have insurance or other financial means to pay you?

If you want to know your options following your Henderson spinal cord injury accident, contact a Henderson spinal cord injury lawyer as soon as possible. These legal professionals can determine if you can bring a spinal cord injury lawsuit and help you prepare the strongest legal claim so that you can go after the damages and justice you deserve.

Compensation You Can Pursue Following a Henderson Spinal Cord Injury Accident

In Henderson, if you suffered an injury in an accident due to another person’s wrongful actions, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your harm and losses. This compensation is often broken down into the following categories:

Economic Damages

Economic damages refer to payment for the tangible losses that result from an accident.

These losses typically include:

  • Past and current medical bills resulting from hospitalization, medications, surgeries, ambulance rides, specialist visits, assistive medical devices, and other types of treatment
  • Future medical treatment costs
  • Lost income, business opportunities, and reduced earning capacity
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Personal property damages
  • Replacement household services
  • Other expenses

Non-economic Damages

Non-economic damages refer to payment for the subjective losses that result from an accident.

These hard-to-quantify losses usually tend to include:

  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Limb loss
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Reputation loss
  • Loss of companionship
  • Inconvenience

Depending on the facts of the accident, the court may also award punitive damages. However, to receive these damages, the victim has to show that the wrongful party acted fraudulently, maliciously, or with oppression to harm the victim. As a result, the court does not award these damages frequently.

To figure out which damages you can pursue following your Henderson spinal cord injury accident, consider discussing your case with the spinal cord injury attorneys at Edward Bernstein and Associates. Our knowledgeable legal team can not only determine which of these damages may apply to your case, but we can determine the full extent of your losses and help you go after the maximum financial recovery you are entitled to.

The Deadlines to Watch out for When Filing a Spinal Cord Injury Claim

If you want to bring legal action after an accident, it is important to understand that you have limited time to do so. According to the statute of limitations laws, accident victims have a specific amount of time to file their suit following an alleged offense.

For instance, in Nevada, if you sustained a spinal cord injury in an accident, you will only have two years from the incident to file your case. If you do not submit it by this deadline, the court can block your case and stop you from getting the money you need. This deadline can change depending on whether exceptions apply.

For these reasons, if you want to file your case before you run out of time, contact an experienced Henderson spinal cord injury lawyer at Edward Bernstein and Associates as soon as you can. Our skilled attorneys can determine how much time you have to submit your case, as well as make sure that your legal motions and documents are prepared and filed before the statute of limitations expires.

Additionally, although you may have years to file your legal suit, it may not be in your best interest to wait that long. This is because the longer you delay filing, the higher the chances are of evidence no longer being available, witnesses no longer being able to testify, and memories of the accident fading—all factors that can hurt your chance of getting the money you need.

Working With the Insurance Company After a Henderson Spinal Cord Injury Accident

Although you may want to believe that following a serious accident, such as one that results in a spinal cord injury, the insurance company will want to help you get the money you need to cover your medical treatments and other costs resulting from the injury. This is not how these companies operate. Insurers, like other businesses, want to make a profit.

One way these companies make this money is by paying out less in claims after an accident. Consequently, these companies will try to do everything possible to get you to admit fault for an accident or take some of the blame so that they can justify paying you less than you are entitled to or deny your claim.

For these reasons, before you trust the insurance company, consider discussing your accident with a knowledgeable Henderson spinal cord injury attorney. These lawyers can help you not only better understand the games the insurance company may try on you but they can even handle the conversations with these companies on your behalf, making sure that your case is treated with respect and that you get a fair offer.

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Enough Said. Call Ed and Fight for the Justice You Deserve

Ed Bernstein
Henderson Spinal Cord Injury Attorney, Ed Bernstein

If you or a loved one suffered a spinal cord injury in a Henderson accident due to another person’s wrongful actions, you may be entitled to financial compensation. More importantly, with a skilled Henderson personal injury attorney from Ed Bernstein and Associates fighting for your legal rights, you will not have to take on this legal fight alone.

Instead, once hired, our legal team can:

  • Go over your spinal cord injury accident, discuss your questions in detail, and walk you through the legal process involved with your claim.
  • Perform an in-depth investigation into your spinal cord injury accident, and gather the evidence necessary to prove what happened, who was responsible, and the extent of your damages.
  • Bring in experts, such as medical professionals, financial specialists, and accident reconstructionist specialists, to help substantiate your legal claim.
  • Deal with the other party, including the insurer, and handle all the negotiations.
  • Prepare for trial if the other party does not want to get you the money you need and help you fight for maximum financial damages.

If you want further information about how a spinal cord injury attorney can help your case, contact Ed Bernstein and Associates today for a free case consultation or call us at (702) 728-4137 and let our attorneys go over your legal options.