How Can Attorney’s Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Las Vegas?

July 9, 2019 | Ed Bernstein
How Can Attorney’s Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Las Vegas?

Typical vehicle accidents involve three types of impact: 1) object hits object (car vs truck), 2) person hits the inside of the vehicle (maybe a windshield, dashboard, or side window), 3) internal organs hit bone, muscle, or other organs within our bodies (brains bumping skulls are much more common injuries than most expect). Now as horrific as this is, consider the motorcycle rider in an accident.

Motorcycle Accidents are Worse

Motorcycle Accidents are WorseInjuries are even worse because they usually incur a fourth impact with the asphalt or other objects on the slide path. More often than any other vehicular incidents, motorcycle accidents are often fatal. Indeed, you may be reading this because you just lost someone you love, so please know Ed Bernstein & Associates recognizes and embraces your pain and wants to help you do something about it. Additionally, with all things considered the same such as speed, angle of impact, and placement, motorcycle riders almost always sustain much worse injuries than vehicle drivers.

Injury After a Motorcycle Accident

Maybe you lost someone to a motorcycle accident or suffered your own injuries in an accident. Perhaps you were a passenger and suffered because of negligence. No matter how it happened, you want a lawyer who understands motorcycle accidents. Work with a personal injury attorney who knows how rider injuries vary from driver injuries. Work with someone with a proven record of representation for this unique category of business. Most importantly, find a lawyer known for his follow through and stick-to-itiveness.

Motorcycle Accidents by the Numbers

Motorcycle Accidents by the NumbersWe know 9 out of 10 people involved in motorcycle accidents are men rather than women. The incident of spinal and brain injury is much higher for riders. Almost half of the accidents take place on rural roads. Based on vehicle miles driven, motorcycle riders are 28 times more likely to be in a fatal wreck than all other vehicle drivers. Another statistic, 37% of motorcycle accidents involved alcohol, either by the rider or the other involved driver.  Sports bikes are more often involved in accidents rather than cruisers. Probably because of their rapid acceleration and maneuverability. Did you know 27% of motorcycle riders involved in a fatal wreck in 2016 did not have a valid motorcycle license? The macho, tough guy image of some unconventional "motorcycle attorneys" does not determine courtroom success. “Posture marketing and advertising” is no substitute for a knowledgeable lawyer. A lawyer who understands motorcycles, the law, the court system, and what should be investigated. Above all, you need an attorney with knowledge backed by a resume of results in both settlements and trial proceedings.


No matter what you’re dealing with, from insurance companies to uninsured motorists, rest assured Ed Bernstein & Associates has been there. We know healthcare professionals, support groups, and are a resource for information and options. When it comes to choosing your attorney, we know you have a choice, and we thank you for choosing Ed Bernstein & Associates. Enough Said. Call Ed.


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