How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas Nevada?

September 6, 2018 | Ed Bernstein
How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas Nevada?

When you fall, get hurt, or think you’ve been the victim of negligence, you need someone who will fight for you and help you get justice. A quick Google search won’t tell you whether or not a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas is someone you should work with. You should talk to multiple attorneys and look for specific traits before deciding. When you need help with your personal injury case, here’s how to find the right lawyer to help you.

Look for an Attorney Who Specializes in Personal Injury

Look for an Attorney Who Specializes in Personal InjuryMuch like doctors, many lawyers specialize in a field of law. This helps them become the experts and learn all the ins and outs of that specific part of the law. As you can imagine, rules, regulations, requirements, and laws have only become more and more complicated over the years. It’s important to work with someone who knows the intricacies and has spent time becoming the expert in personal injury law.

Referrals from Other Lawyers

If you have a friend who’s an attorney in another field or you’ve been working with an attorney to conduct other business for you, ask them for referrals. They may know someone who they trust, have heard good things about, or think can help in your unique case. This isn’t the end of your search, of course, but it can help narrow down the field.

Plenty of Experience

Plenty of ExperienceYou need a personal injury attorney who understands your specific case whether it’s a workers’ compensation claim gone wrong or medical malpractice at a Las Vegas hospital.  How many years have they been practicing? What personal injury fields do they specialize in? Do they have satisfied and happy clients who provide good reviews?

Willing to Take Cases to Trial

Not every personal injury case can or should go to a trial, but some need to. A good personal injury lawyer is willing to head to the courtroom if that’s what it takes to get justice for their client. They’re not making backroom deals that leave you wondering if you were suckered, and they aren’t afraid to fight big companies and industries who refuse to do what’s right.

The Resources to Investigate

The Resources to InvestigateVery few personal injury cases are simple and easy to solve. When a personal injury attorney takes a case, they need to investigate and find out what really happened. This means working with experts in a variety of fields, taking multiple depositions, and tracking down the information to present your case. You want to work with someone who not only will do this for you, but work with a law office that can.

Fights for Their Clients

A lot of big companies get careless or lazy or think they can get away with anything. As the consumer or patient, you’re the little guy who gets in their way. You deserve a personal injury attorney who fights for their clients. They do it in negotiations to get you the best settlement, in the courtroom to make negligent companies pay and to root out negligence so fewer people get hurt in the future.

A Proven Track Record

A Proven Track RecordIt’s not enough to care, fight, or go to trial. You also need a personal injury attorney who has a good track record of success. How often do they negotiate good settlements? How many court cases have they won for a client? What kind of payouts do people receive and success stories do former clients have? This information will help you decide if a personal injury attorney can help you, too.

Cares About the Local Community

Personal injury lawyers, like everyone else, are members of the local community -- in and around Las Vegas. How active are they? Do they care what goes on in the area? Are they willing to help people, even if they never become clients? This shows a level of commitment to making Las Vegas a better place for everyone. Yes, you want a lawyer who can win, but you need one who cares, too.


When you’re a victim of negligence and get hurt in some way, time is of the essence. Wait too long and the statute of limitations will run out. But that doesn’t mean you should pick the first person’s name you find, either. Do some investigating. Ask questions. Check out their website, testimonials, and any reviews. And before you make a decision, sit down and talk to them about your case. At Ed Bernstein and Associates, we’re committed to helping people get the justice they deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Ed Bernstein

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