Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

The Car Accident Attorneys of Ed & Associates

Your Crash is Unique – and Your Lawyer Should Be Too!

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A car crash can involve many factors. Auto accidents may happen every day, but they are anything but ordinary. Your attorney can sort out the necessary details that you wouldn’t be able to to do on your own. There are certain laws and other things to consider with each case, and the average person simply doesn’t know them. That’s why you need our lawyers to handle your vehicle accident.

Edward Bernstein & Associates is one of the largest personal injury law firms in the state. Las Vegas car accident lawyer Ed Bernstein has been in the business of helping others for more than 35 years. He and his experienced staff have handled tens of thousands of auto wreck and injury cases throughout the state. The firm has developed a reputation for the quality of its work resulting in successful resolutions for everything from wrongful death or devastating automobile wrecks to less severe injuries.

Our Las Vegas personal injury firm has obtained one of the highest jury verdicts ($104 Million) in our state’s history as a result of the expertise of our attorneys and the dedication of its legal team. When a vehicle crash attorney from our firm is obtained, our clients quickly realize that we are unmatched when it comes to working on accidents.


What Our Attorneys Advise After Car Accidents

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer When a collision happens, there are many important steps that are simple, yet are often neglected. Simple actions like forgetting to stop your vehicle, admitting fault, ignoring pain and a number of other things that people often tend to do can seriously change the defense of your case, which is one reason why having Vehicle wreck lawyers by your side is so important.

A lot of times, after a crash, people simply jot down the other driver’s phone number and move on. In reality, this can only get you so far. It’s best to be thorough, because you never know what direction your case might end up taking. You might be taken by surprise and get the finger pointed at you. Insurance might deny that you’re injured. The phone number they provide might even be wrong. Along with a police report, there is certain data you should have in your file.


Here is a list of information you should exchange with the other party.
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Insurance Company
  • Policy Number
  • License Plate Number
  • Driver’s License Number

Your Car Accident Lawyer is Right Here in Vegas

The collision lawyers of Ed Bernstein & Associates have handled tens of thousands of vehicle accidents and personal injury cases throughout the state. We are unmatched when it comes to our lawyers and paralegal personnel, offering decades of experience in successfully helping injured clients like you. 

With office locations in both Carson City and Las Vegas, we have an auto accident attorney available in your area right now. Get in touch for a free consultation at any time.